GUTS & GLORY: Dodge Challenger Glory 1000 Design Concept:

Digital Artist Creates One Sinister Looking Challenger...

We have seen a lot of cool car concepts from various digital designers over the past few years, but this one looks pure sinister. The Dodge Challenger Glory 1000 is a digital concept by Timothy Adry Emmanuel (Adry53Customs), that takes the current Challenger styling and makes it even lower, wider, and more aggressive than ever before.

Dodge Challenger Glory 1000 Digital Concept. (Adry53Customs).

With a massive blown HEMI V8 under the hood, rated at 1,000 horsepower thus giving the concept its name. The HEMI engine features one of the coolest design features we have seen from a digital concept, a carbon fiber intake plenum sitting over the supercharger. A performance hood covers the massive intake and features stock Hellcat heat extractors, a massive intake scoop with butterfly valves similar to what we have seen on some of the Saleen cars in recent years.

Dodge Challenger Glory 1000 Digital Concept. (Adry53Customs).

The Glory 1000 features a massive Widebody kit that adds even more room for wider rubber. To help blend that the new wider body kit, new more aggressive front and rear fascias have also been added to the design. In the end, the car looks like something Darth Vader would daily drive. The front fascia can even feature a chrome wraparound similar to the look on the 1970 Dodge Charger.

Dodge Challenger Glory 1000 Digital Concept. (Adry53Customs).

We hope that the Glory 1000 has air ride suspension since the car is so slammed to the ground. Most supercars have to have such a feature from dragging the front splitter into the ground on various driveways or speed bumps, there is no doubt that the Glory 1000 would follow suit with its slammed stance.

A set of quad exhaust, carbon fiber rear splitter, and more upright Challenger R/T Scat Pack-inspired rear spoiler help pull the rear of the car together. 

So what do you think of the Dodge Challenger Glory 1000 concept? Let us know in the comments or in the MoparInsiders.com forum. 

Also, be sure to check out the other Mopar designs Adry53Customs Instagram page.

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Don’t like any of these renderings. There are some minor aspects that point to a refreshed Challenger possibilities, but the overall car is quite ugly.

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