Fire Destroyed Nearly 20 New Wranglers In Lot Fire In Toledo:

Fire Is Under Investigation... Possible Electrical Issue?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Toledo Fire Department officials are investigating a fire that happened at the Toledo Suppliers Park in Toledo, Ohio, Monday morning. According to news reports almost 20 brand new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JL) models were destroyed in the fire on a holding lot outside the plant. Three different fire stations responded to the fire, as smoke could be seen for miles around the Toledo area.

Both FCA and the Toledo Fire Department are also trying to see if the fires are linked to two other fires of Jeep Wranglers in the Toledo area. A spokesperson for FCA said that the company had “narrowed the pool to a specific population of vehicles. We can confirm these vehicles have not been shipped to customers or dealers”.

Tuesday morning, another Jeep Wrangler caught on fire only a few hundred feet from the fire that happened on Monday. Several Jeeps caught fire in a storage lot at Toledo Express Airport on May 5th, as well. According to a fire report from a state Fire Marshal’s representative on scene said the fire appeared accidental due to possible electrical issue for the May 5th fire.

FCA has released an official statement on the investigation…

“FCA US is currently investigating a fire that occurred on May 22 in a storage yard in the Toledo, Ohio, area as it continues its investigation into other recent occurrences. The Company is working with the appropriate authorities on these investigations. While the investigation is ongoing, at this time we have narrowed the pool to a specific population of vehicles. We can confirm these vehicles have not been shipped to customers or dealers. We cannot provide further information at this time.”

Recently a local spy photographer happened to catch a Wrangler Unlimited JL burst into flames at the FCA US Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is unknown if the events are releated.

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