FIAT & Vogue Auction Off Custom 500 For Cancer Charity:

One-Of-A-Kind Fiat 500 Collezione Designed By Vogue Magazine...

Iconic fashion magazine Vogue has given away a one-off Fiat 500 created to raise awareness of female cancer.

Fiat partnered with publishers Conde Nast to create the one-of-a-kind 500, inspired by the distinct personality of Vogue, to auction off in aid of the Lady Garden charity in the United Kingdom.

The Fiat 500 has always been a trendsetter, so while remaining true to itself it has re-interpreted its unique identity and worked with brands to create an array of a special series, from fashion and luxury yachts to art and sports. The new 500 Collezione special series, the latest tribute to the iconic Fiat, therefore was the obvious choice as the base model for the magazine to personalize.

The Vogue-designed Fiat 500 Collezione, complete with extra accessories, was won in a special auction hosted by Lady Garden and Fortnum & Mason in September 2018, and was handed over to its lucky winner by Fiat retailer Eden in Basingstoke.

Vogue Designed Fiat 500 Collezione. (FIAT UK).

Set up by the Gynaecological Cancer Fund, Lady Garden’s mission is to empower women to open up and have an honest conversation about their bodies, while simultaneously raising awareness of gynaecological cancers. One hundred per cent of the proceeds of the sale have gone to the Gynaecological Cancer Fund, which steers the money in the direction of clinical trials and research.

The Vogue 500 auction was won by Azia Chatila, who bought the car for her daughter. She said: “Since she was a little girl being pushed around in the streets of London in her pushchair, she pointed out Fiat 500s everywhere and said that was her favourite car. That did not change as she grew older. She found it stylish, fun and adorable. So I could not resist when I saw it at auction; it would not only make a girl extremely happy but would also benefit many more girls through the charity.”

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