FIAT Releases First Picture Of Upcoming 2021 Strada Pickup:

Will Be Rebadged As A Ram For Certain Markets...

A couple of weeks ago, a photo of a new FIAT-based four-door pickup leaked online. Instead of denying the photo, the FIAT brand decided to not follow the traditional playbook and released the first official photo of the brand’s upcoming Strada pickup. For those who aren’t familiar with the Strada nameplate, the compact pickup serves as a segment leader in the Brazilian marketplace and is sold under both the FIAT and Ram Truck brands in several markets across the globe.

2020 Ram 700 Adventurer Club Cab. (Ram Mexico).

Under the Ram Truck brand, the Strada is called the Ram 700. MoparInsiders discussed the current Ram 700 in detail, last year. The Strada is one of two FIAT-based trucks, that are rebadged as a Ram Truck for various markets. The second vehicle is the award-winning Fiat Toro, which goes by the name of Ram 1000 in certain markets.

With no information released alongside the photo, we can clearly see that the new Strada will feature a new Crew Cab configuration. The current model is only offered in Standard and Double Cab configurations. We don’t know if FIAT will continue to offer the current cab configurations, but the new Crew Cab models will be a welcome addition to the FIAT lineup.

2021 Fiat Strada Crew Cab Pickup. (FIAT).

The photo shows that the new truck is larger than the current one. Featuring a design that looks similar to the larger Fiat Toro, the Strada features unique front and rear styling. Based on the Argo / Cronos family platform the larger Crew Cab configuration will clearly be able to more comfortably accommodate passengers in the back seat compared to the current Double Cab model which features the rear reverse-opening door.

The truck also looks to be much taller than the current Strada as well. We wouldn’t be surprised if FIAT adopts the Sport Utility Pickup (SUP) term, it uses for the current Fiat Toro. The marketing idea that the vehicle features the comfort and handling of a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), with the capability and functionality of a pickup truck. 

2020 Fiat Toro Ranch 2.0 Diesel AT9. (FIAT).

According to various automotive media sites, the new Strada will make its official debut sometime in March or early April. This will be right around the time that Volkswagen will be releasing a similar vehicle. We can’t wait to see the finished product, as the MoparInsiders staff really likes the design direction shown in the photo.


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