FIAT Opens Ordering For Its New Tipo City Sport In Europe:

European Market Can Now Order Sporty New Hatch & Wagon...

The FIAT brand is revamping its current world portfolio with an array of new production vehicles and updated ones. One of those vehicles, the Fiat Tipo has become one of the most admired vehicles in its segment across Europe. FIAT has sold more than 670,000 units since its introduction in 2016, making it an important part of the FIAT Europe lineup, with 70% of its sales coming from outside the Italian market.

2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport 5-Door Hatchback. (FIAT).

For the 2021 model year, the Tipo line received a restyling refresh which helps aim at attracting a younger audience to the compact car. FIAT even launched a new model, the Tipo Cross with a more crossover-like take on the popular Tipo hatchback as the brand tries to bridge the gap of people leaving cars for crossovers and SUVs. One of the other models assigned to help attract younger buyers is the 2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport.

2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport 5-Door Wagon. (FIAT).

The 2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport is immediately recognizable thanks to distinctive aesthetic elements, such as the specific “Sport” badge, positioned under the front mirror, exclusive Metropoli Gray livery, 18-inch “Diamond” cast-aluminum wheels, and numerous Gloss Black accents that include the grille, mirror caps, side door pillar, and door handles. 

2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport 5-Door Hatchback. (FIAT).

The new 2021 Fiat Tipo Sport includes new headlights and taillights with “full-LED” technology. The new lights help enhance the lines of the car but increase its active and passive safety and increase visibility.

Inside, the Tipo City Sport features an Imperial Black color that gives a sportier look to the vehicle’s interior. There is a new 7-inch thin-film-transistor (TFT) digital cluster that is fully configurable, a 10.25-inch Uconnect touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto, a wide range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), adaptive high-beams, and Keyless Enter ‘n Go. The air conditioning (A/C) controls have also been reworked to feature new chrome and black inserts.

2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport 5-Door Hatchback. (FIAT).

The Sport is available in 5-door hatchback and station wagon variants (sorry sedan buyers). 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Mopar is offering its D-Fence package across the Tipo lineup. The package consists of three devices…

  • A filter that stops impurities getting into the car from the outside, blocks particulates and practically 100% of allergens, and reduces the formation of mold and bacteria by 98%
  • A purifier for the air inside the passenger compartment, which filters out micro-particles such as pollen or bacteria
  • A UV lamp to cleanse all the contact surfaces in the car such as the steering wheel, the gear shifter, and the seats
2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport 5-Door Wagon. (FIAT).

For gasoline buyers, there is a new 1.0-liter GSE-T3 (Global Small Engine – Turbocharged Three-Cylinder) that makes 100 horsepower and delivers peak torque as high as 190 Nm (or 140 ft.-lb.) of torque at only 1,500 rpm. The GME-T3 offers 5 horsepower and 63 Nm (or 47 ft.-lb.) of torque more than the outgoing 1.4-liter engine and at 3,000 less rpm. 

2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport 5-Door Hatchback. (FIAT).

The 1.0-liter GSE-T3 is part of the FireFly turbo engine family, the most up-to-date engine for performance, paired with seriously lower consumption and emissions. The new engine ensures driving pleasure while providing low CO2 emissions to meet the requirements throughout the European region. 

For diesel buyers, the Euro 6D Final-compliant Multijet diesel engines offer two power ratings for the Tipo lineup. There are 95 horsepower and 130 horsepower variants, with considerable improvement in performance and CO2 values. FIAT says that the 130 horsepower 1.6-liter Multijet diesel is the ideal engine for commercial fleets.

The 2021 Fiat Tipo City Sport is now available in select European markets. For more information, you can visit FIAT.com. The Tipo is also sold as the Egea in Turkey and the Dodge Neon in Mexico and the Middle East.


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