FIAT Brazil’s New 2022 Pulse B-SUV Is Breaking Records!

Over 5,500 Models Reserved In Just 4 Days...

The all-new 2022 Fiat Pulse is making history in Brazil. As the first B-SUV from the FIAT brand that was 100% developed and manufactured in Brazil has just surpassed the mark of more than 5,500 reserved units in just four days. This means that nearly one Pulse has been reserved per minute, since its release. 

2022 Fiat Pulse Drive Turbo. (FIAT).

In the first 48 hours of pre-sales, FIAT’s B-SUV had already registered more than 4,000 reserved units, which proves the consumer’s desire for a modern, technological, connected model, and efficient performance in the segment. “The Pulse reservation was made only by Individual customers, who paid a down payment of R$3,000 ($541.73 USD). This shows the enormous interest of these consumers in our model”, says Herlander Zola, Director of FIAT South America and Commercial Operations Brazil.

2022 Fiat Pulse Drive Manual. (FIAT).

The numbers position the Pulse as one of the biggest launches in the history of FIAT in Brazil. The SUV hits the market with several choices of colors, finishes, transmissions, and engines, including the desired Turbo 200 Flex up to 130 horsepower. The most powerful engine in the category equips the Drive, Audace, and Impetus versions, the latter being the consumer’s favorite so far.

2022 Fiat Pulse Audace. (FIAT).

The Pulse with Turbo 200 Flex engine is equipped with a modern 7-speed CVT automatic transmission with Sport function and the option of sequential changes by the gear shifter or by steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. In this combination, the Pulse accelerates to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 9.4 seconds, surpassing its main rivals in the category.

2022 Fiat Pulse Turbo 1.0-liter. (FIAT).

Pulse test drive units are already found in most of the dealer networks throughout Brazil, as well as models in the showroom, allowing the customer to get to know the new B-SUV up close. With FIAT’s commitment to transparency, each consumer will know the expected delivery time of their Pulse at the time of purchase. Deliveries are scheduled to start in November.

2022 Fiat Pulse Drive Auto. (FIAT).

“These numbers reinforce the customer’s confidence in the brand, and confirm that the Pulse arrives meeting the market’s desire for a well-equipped product, with a high level of quality and technology, at an attractive price”, concludes Zola.

You can read more in-depth about the Pulse, in our article posted earlier this week by simply CLICKING HERE:

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