FIAT Brazil Dedicates Its Latest Media Campaign To Its Friendship Between Italy & Brazil:

"We Will Get Through This"...

Brazil has become a second home for the unmistakably Italian, FIAT brand. With that being said, the FIAT brand in Brazil has launched a new “Italianos” campaign which builds on the deep friendship between the two countries. The new campaign delivers a message of strength, encouragement, and closeness in a fight against the global COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) pandemic crisis.

Like a conversation between brothers, the spirit of Italy shares some lessons learned from this crisis combined with a message of hope that Brazil will succeed in overcoming the crisis more easily, and perhaps more quickly. The film ends with the hashtag #VamosSairDessa (“we will get through this”), reinforcing the hope of a better future for all.

FIAT Brazil’s “Italianos” Campaign. (FIAT).

“FIAT was born in Italy, but Brazil is its second home. Both countries are going through a delicate moment as a result of the pandemic, but love and generosity continue to be strong characteristics of both Italy and Brazil. As Italy seems to have passed the peak of the crisis, we wanted to give a heartfelt message of support and encouragement to Brazil as it enters an acute stage in the fight against COVID-19”, said Frederico Battaglia, Head of Brand Marketing Communications for FCA LATAM.  

“Though heavily impacted by the pandemic, Italy is showing its traditional strength and spirit of solidarity in overcoming the crisis. [At] this moment, the FIAT brand wants to encourage Brazilians to stay strong and take care of themselves, because the road ahead may be challenging, but we will get through it”, says Antonio Filosa, Chief Operating Officer for FCA LATAM, an Italian who has lived and worked in Brazil for the past 15 years. “This video is intended as a warm embrace between brothers, from one who has just overcome the worst to the other who’s going through a difficult period.”

FIAT Brazil’s “Italianos” Campaign. (FIAT).

In addition to the campaign, FCA LATAM is implementing a comprehensive range of coronavirus-related relief initiatives in Brazil and Argentina. These measures include support for the installation of field hospitals for COVID-19 patients in Betim (Minas Gerais) and Goiana (Pernambuco) in Brazil, and Córdoba in Argentina, as well as donations of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and other vital supplies for healthcare professionals in all communities where the Company has operations. In Brazil, FCA is also working to repair out-of-service ventilators from the national health system and partnered with local producers of pulmonary ventilators to increase production capacity in Brazil. 

Source: FIAT


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