FCA Opens It’s First Field Hospital In Brazil:

Company Creating 300-Beds For COVID-19 Patients...

You might remember that last week, we told you that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was converting its former leisure and sports club for its employees in Betim, Brazil and converting it into a COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) field hospital. The company announced late yesterday, that after just seven days of work, the facility is ready to start treating COVID-19 patients. This is one of the first field hospitals that are operational in the country of Brazil.

FCA Supported COVID-19 Field Hospital At Fiat Club. (FCA).

The Fiat Club has been converted to a 200-bed field hospital, in the city of one of the largest FCA manufacturing plants in the world. The 200-beds hospital includes an infirmary, ICU, and recovery units to respond for more than a third of the all-new hospital vacancies created by the city to treat COVID-19 patients during the pandemic. The field hospital occupies two floors of the main Fiat Club building. The first floor houses the beds and clinics, which the second floor is reserved for the health care staff. The second floor includes a cafeteria, changing rooms, restrooms, a warehouse, and offices.

FCA Supported Fiat Ducato Ambulance. (FCA).

FCA has also donated a new Fiat Ducato van, which has been adapted as an ambulance to help support the field hospital’s operations.

“The union of efforts and the spirit of collaboration are very important in such a challenging moment,” said Antonio Filosa, FCA LATAM chief operating officer. “For this reason, we are implementing a broad and integrated program to support our communities in Brazil with resources and expertise to effectively contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.”  

FCA Supported COVID-19 Field Hospital At Fiat Club. (FCA).

FCA has continued to support the people of Brazil with not only the installation of the field hospital in Betim but will help with another 100-bed field hospital in the city of Goiana. The company is also leveraging its expertise and resources to produce and expand the supply of highly strategic hospitals, such as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers and working on ventilators. FCA has also helped with donations and vehicles to support local health authorities.

FCA Supported COVID-19 Field Hospital At Fiat Club. (FCA).

The company is continuing to work at an accelerated pace to finish the installation of the 100-bed field hospital in Goiana, located in the state Pernambuco, which is home to a Jeep® manufacturing complex (which builds the Renegade and Compass). This hospital will be fully-equipped by FCA and should be operational by the end of April.

FCA Supported COVID-19 Field Hospital At Fiat Club. (FCA).

FCA engineers and technicians are also working to restore out-of-service ventilators from the public and private health systems in the states of Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, and Paraíba. There are an estimated 3,600 out-of-service ventilators in Brazil. Of those units, 275 are located in Pernambuco and Paraiba, while another 335 are located in Minas Gerais. 

FCA Supported COVID-19 Field Hospital At Fiat Club. (FCA).

The company is also continuing to manufacture 3D-printed plastic face shields for donation to health care workers in the Minas and Pernambuco areas. “Behind each action, there are FCA employees dedicated and motivated to donate the best of themselves and their skills to help fight this invisible and silent enemy of our generation,” said Antonio Filosa.

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