FIAT 500e Continues To Make The North American Auto Show Circuit!

Still No Official Announcement From Stellantis...

Its been two years since the FIAT brand unveiled its all-new third-generation Fiat Cinquecento (500). As an all-electric offering, the new 500e has proven to be a strong seller in the European market over the past two years. It didn’t take long for FIAT to start offering the 500e outside the European Union, with introductions in Israel, Brazil, and most recently Japan.

2022 Fiat 500e 3+1 at CES 2022. (Stellantis).

But with a dismal sales record in North America, a reduced lineup down to one model, and a push towards electrification, many FIAT North American fans have wondered why the Italian marque has yet to offer the electrified city car in either the United States or Canada yet.

Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Stellantis quietly had a pair of new 500e models on display, showcasing the possibilities of the electric car. But it seems the CES 2022 isn’t the only event that FIAT is showing the 500e to the public and much to our surprise both the FIAT USA brand and Stellantis (FCA US, LLC) have been quiet about the matter. 

Currently, on display at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), it appears that FCA US, LLC is continuing to test the waters and see what the public thinks about the latest 500e. The move shows that the FIAT could be bringing the 500e to the North American market, to much delight from fans and dealers.

Featuring a 42-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an 85-kW fast charger. With an output of 87 kW (117 horsepower), the new 500e delivers acceleration from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 9.0 seconds. The 500e also offers Level 2 autonomous driving that includes intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (iACC) and Lane Centering. The 500e measure is 2.4-inches wider, 2.4-inches longer, and has a 0.8-inch longer wheelbase than the previous model, the Italian city car provides even more interior space than ever.

2022 Fiat (500e)RED and 3+1 at CES 2022. (Stellantis).

We have reached out to FCA US, LLC about the possibility of the car coming to the North American market before. Their official statement continues and has been, “The new 500 has not been confirmed for the U.S. or Canada. FCA US, LLC is currently evaluating its potential for the North American market”. With the state of the FIAT brand in North America, it could use another new model… and use it FAST!

The 500e also appears on the Stellantis NYIAS virtual auto show as well, which you can see here.

Robert S. Miller

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Fiat is evaluating the situation at bringing the electric one here.

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It's selling really well in Europe. They should definitely sell it in the US.

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I was thinking about stating a thread about this, but I see someone has beat me to it.😇

Inspired by the Canadian truckers protest I thought of surrounding Fiat's headquarters in Turin with Fiats, but then I found out that is an everyday occurrence there. Then there is also the problem of getting our cars across the pond and back. My second choice for a location is Auburn Hills, but for those with the older Fiat 500e models crossing the Rocky Mountains might be difficult.

I don't do social media beyond the blogs I frequent, so I know little about it. I think we could get Fiat's attention with a virtual online demonstration. I watch enough Youtube to know it can be done.

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Fiat is evaluating the situation at bringing the electric one here.

I think they don’t bring the 500e because the next generation will be on STLA Small pf and I don’t know if Mr.T will make the eCMP evolution to Small US compliant… and it’s (next 500e on STLA Small) already scheduled for 2027.

I think they will sadly reposition FIAT as a « low end » brand… we have to forgot the « 5oo » brand « premiumness ».

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Fiat boss Olivier François was talking to Autocar recently and he states Fiat is getting new product, including a Panda themed B-segment crossover. Motor Trend repeats the story for us here in North America: Fiat Wants to Be the "Peoples' Tesla" With Five Global Models Planned

There will be an Abarth version of the Fiat 500e. A lot had to be changed due to the performance increase, but it will be built. Mr. Francois remains silent as what the Fiat brand's plans are for the USA will be. He says most of the new products will be global, but doesn't define what "global" is. I would love to see the 500e along with the Abarth version and a B-segment crossover.

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