FCA Product Design Office Announces Ram Truck “Sketch Battle” Contest Winners:

120 Eligible Design Submissions Were Sent In...

Last week, we told you that Head of FCA Design Ralph Gilles and Head of Ram Truck and Mopar Exterior Design Mark Trostle were challenging Mopar fans to design their “wickedest and most outrageous designs for a Ram Truck”. The contest was fueled by the FCA Drive for Design contest, which features talented high school artists and allows them to showcase their talents to the FCA Design team. For this contest, on the other hand, anyone could enter, however, they needed to have the FCADriveForDesign.com text on their design.

Both, Gilles and Trostle hand-picked their top-5 favorite designs from the 120 eligible submissions and showcased them on their personal Instagram accounts.

Among the winning picks were some more performance-based trucks with some focused on the electrified side of the equation, while others were clearly HELLCAT-inspired. Some of the designs cue retro flare with hot rod looks, while others were very futuristic in design. It was clear that most wanted one of Ram’s historical nameplates like Dakota or Rampage to return.

There were a couple of designs that really stuck out in the “sketch battle”. The first one was a top-5 pick of Mark Trostle and was the creation of Sean Smith. The street rod pickup design features a bold crosshair design (a future that is absent in the new Ram Truck designs) and has a Chevrolet SSR sport truck vibe. That is something, the MoparInsiders staff can jump behind.

The other design was not featured as a top-5 pick and it wasn’t even a truck design. Instead, it was a modern take on the Ram Van. It has been 17 years since the B-Series Ram Vans. Yes, there is the Ram ProMaster, but we are talking about the full-size Ram pickup-based vans. The Ram Vans have been making waves in the motorsports world as drift machines in Japan. Nevertheless, it is cool to see how a modern-day Ram Van would look in today’s world.

Take a look at the 10 different designs below. Be sure to let us know in the comments below and tell us what your dream Ram Truck would be.

FCA Drive for Design Sketch Battle Winners:

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