FCA Lights Up U.S. Headquarters For It’s LGBTQ Employees:

Unique Lighting Will Be Up From 11th to 17th...

Yesterday, MoparInsiders showed you the new look that FCA US LLC, has given its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The new wrap which features the all-new 2020 Jeep® Gladiator Rubicon isn’t the only thing different about the look of the Company’s headquarters this week.

FCA US Honors Its LGBTQ Employees With Purple Lit Pentastar On Its Auburn Hills HQ. (FCA).

In honor and support of the Company’s LGBTQ employees, the large Pentastar that is prominent on the top of the 15-story tower will be lit in the color purple from Friday, October 11th to Thursday, October 17th in observance of National Coming Out Day and National Spirit Day.

FCA US LLC’s long-standing support of the LGBTQ community and its employees dates back to 2000 when the Company was a leader among U.S. employers for providing domestic partner benefits.

FCA US Honors Its LGBTQ Employees With Purple Lit Pentastar On Its Auburn Hills HQ. (FCA).

“FCA US is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive business environment in which all people and ideas are welcome, appreciated and respected,” said Mark Chernoby, Chief Technical Compliance Officer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., Head of Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance, FCA – North America, and Executive Sponsor of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance at FCA US. “Our diverse business culture represents different people and ideas that come together collaboratively to create products that make us attractive in the marketplace, and support and sustain our success.”

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