FCA Hosts Virtual ‘Bring Your Kids to Work Day @Home’:

FCA Continues The "Take Your Child To Work" Tradition, With New Virtual Experience...


Today, is “National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”. While most people in the United States are still under “stay-at-home” orders, this means many parents are not only working from home but help to homeschool their kids as well. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has decided to continue the “National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” tradition midst of the current situation, by hosting hundreds of its employee’s children through a virtual experience called “Bring Your Kids to Work Day @Home”.

Nicholas Cirenese, 12, 6th grade, watches the interior design video available on FCA’s new virtual “Bring Your Kids to Work Day @Home” experience. (FCA).

With more than 60,000 employees in the United States, their children will be able to experience a day in the life of FCA from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The new virtual experience is designed to explore the many careers available within the automotive company from design to production and everything in between. The program, exclusive to FCA employees, features videos, and online and offline activities. It begins by encouraging kids to share a picture of their “at-home” office and by taking a career assessment test to see where they might like to work.

Gavin Drill, 9, third grade, watches the product development videos available on FCA’s new virtual “Bring Your Kids to Work Day @Home” experience. (FCA).

“Now more than ever, parents are seeking creative ways to educate and entertain their school-aged children who are home while they’re working,” said Kelly Tolbert, Vice President – Global Talent, Leadership and Learning, FCA. “Rather than postpone our event until next year, we decided to create a program that allows our U.S. employees to participate with their children.”

Ryan Louwert, 5, pre-kindergarten, colors a Jeep Gladiator, one of the offline activities available in “Bring Your Kids to Work Day @Home” experience. (FCA).

The virtual program provides a behind-the-scenes look at areas such as manufacturing, IT, design, product development, and marketing. Each section includes a Think!, Act! and Do! activity that can be shared with an internal community page.

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Some examples of the program include…


  • Think! – Wonder what it’s like to be an automotive designer? Get a peek inside the FCA Design Studios with designers who have created some of the most exciting vehicles on the road today.
  • Do! – Draw, paint, or sculpt the next greatest vehicle design (interior or exterior). Create something totally new or design the next generation of an existing vehicle.
  • Act! – Take a picture of your design and share it to the community page. Under your picture, in comments, provide its brand name and/or explain the design and describe the people who would buy it.

Product Development/Engineering:

  • Think! – What is an engineer? Children get to watch a video about some of our engineers at work.
  • Do! – Challenge: Do you have a new idea? Can you invent something new or create an improvement to make something better?
  • Act! – Take a picture of your invention or improvement and share it to the community page. Under your picture, in comments, provide its brand name and/or explain the innovative improvement.

The program allows a little bit of normality from the outside world we are currently living in, as well as allowing FCA employees to spend some time with the children and getting them to see a side of their lives outside of the home.

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