eXoMod Reveals Its Carbon Fiber-Bodied C69 Daytona

Carbon Fiber-Bodied Challenger Gets A New Winged Version, And It Is AWESOME!

In the world of high-performance muscle cars, eXoMod, the Pennsylvania-based automotive boutique shop, has made quite a name for itself. Over the past year, we’ve seen the shop’s unique creations, which involve transforming Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCATs and HELLCAT Redeyes into stunning carbon-fibered tributes to classic Dodge Charger models. However, eXoMod is not one to rest on its laurels. The company is now ready to introduce its latest masterpiece, the D69 Carbon, a tribute to the iconic 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona.

Carbon Fiber-Bodied C69 Daytona by eXoMod. (eXoMod).

While the previous eXoMod creations drew inspiration from the 1968 Dodge Charger, the D69 Carbon takes its cues from the legendary 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. Under the hood of this beastly machine roars a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI® HELLCAT H.O. V8, delivering an impressive 807 horsepower. The power is harnessed by a TorqueFlite® 8-speed automatic transmission, ensuring that the raw muscle power remains accessible. Importantly, eXoMod has skillfully retained Dodge’s five-year, 60,000-mile warranty, adding a layer of peace of mind for future owners. An anti-slip differential has been included to enhance the car’s performance further, while the vehicle features SRT’s competition suspension and Power Chiller.

One of the hallmarks of eXoMod’s creations is their built-to-order nature. Each vehicle is a unique work of automotive art; even the donor car can be customized to the buyer’s preference. While eXoMod starts with the outgoing Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT Redeye, the real showstopper is the exterior. The D69 Carbon is enveloped in custom carbon fiber, meticulously designed and developed in-house. Each build is labor-intensive, requiring over 2,000 man-hours to assemble, ensuring that every detail is just right.

The D69 Carbon boasts a range of impressive features, including a custom active exhaust system, original stainless gas cap and taillight trim, sequential LED taillights supplied by DigiTails, and Forgeline DE3C wheels, finished in Satin Bronze with a brushed outer lip, shod in Nitto NT555 tires. The attention to detail inside the cabin continues, with a two-tone Italian leather interior featuring Ink and Walnut seats and Walnut door panels.

Carbon Fiber-Bodied C69 Daytona by eXoMod. (eXoMod).

For performance and safety, the vehicle is equipped with Brembo® 6-piston front caliper brakes, measuring 15.7 inches and featuring slotted rotors. The car’s speedometer reaches an impressive 220 mph, ensuring that the D69 Carbon lives up to its muscle car heritage. The original Challenger’s unibody structure and all standard safety features are preserved.

This exquisite creation from eXoMod comes at a cost, with a price tag of $395,000 USD. However, for automotive enthusiasts who demand the best, the D69 Carbon is an investment in a piece of automotive history, meticulously crafted for modern-day performance.

“The Dodge Daytona is perhaps the pinnacle of the muscle car movement of the late ‘60s. It represents raw power and aesthetics that appeal to every automotive enthusiast to this day,” says Rick Katzeff, CEO of eXoMod. “Building a D69 Daytona has been a dream of mine for many years, and I’m thrilled that we can now offer this vehicle to our clients with modern-day performance and peace of mind.”

Carbon Fiber-Bodied C69 Daytona by eXoMod. (eXoMod).

eXoMod’s latest masterpiece, the D69 Carbon, will make its debut at The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN) in Rosemont, Illinois, on November 18, 2023. As it heralds the end of an era for the current Dodge Challenger, we can only wonder with excitement about what eXoMod has in store for the future.

To learn more about this exceptional creation and eXoMod’s bespoke automotive offerings, visit their website at exomod.com.

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