Driving Some Of The Fastest Dodges Around Champion Motor Speedway:

We Got Some Seat Time In Some Of The Fastest Modern Dodges...

If you aren’t familiar with M1 Concourse, it is an 87-acre playground for auto enthusiasts that includes a secure community of 250+ Private Garages and the state-of-the-art Champion Motor Speedway with its own private Motorsports Club located in the suburban Detroit area.

M1 Concourse Hot Laps Presented by Dodge. (MoparInsiders).

Saturday, for the first time, our friends at M1 Concourse offered the public a chance to get some seat time in their Dodge-sponsored performance fleet. Now, while the public has had an opportunity to ride in the performance fleet at special events, this was the first time that the public has been able to run the entire 1.5-mile Champion Motor Speedway.

M1 Concourse Hot Laps Presented by Dodge. (MoparInsiders).

With a beautiful sunny day in the low 60-degrees, people who purchased a “Hot Laps” ticket were able to choose from the three of the fastest Dodge vehicles built in the last decade. The M1 Concourse Dodge performance fleet consists of three vehicles…

  • Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT Widebody
  • Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT
  • Dodge Viper ACR-Extreme
M1 Concourse Hot Laps Presented by Dodge. (MoparInsiders).

If you have never ridden in a Viper, this is probably one of our last chances to get inside of Dodge’s legendary performance coupe on a track since Viper production ended in 2017. Yesterday, we easily hit 120mph on the road course in the 645 horsepower supercar. 

The event was a big success, and it looks like M1 Concourse is already starting to plan another “Hot Laps” event. With a date yet to be announced, tickets are already going fast. For $99 per person, gets you a three-lap ride with a professional driver in the Dodge performance vehicle of your choice. The whole process takes about a half hour and M1 Concourse supplies helmets, so no need to bring your own. For more information on the next event, visit

M1 Concourse Hot Laps Presented by Dodge. (MoparInsiders).

For those who are looking for more, M1 Concourse does offer Speed Driving Experiences. That includes the participants learning the fundamentals of high-performance driving from the lead M1 Concourse instructor and then being able to put those skills to work behind the wheel of two vehicles in their Dodge performance fleet (one of the HELLCAT models listed above and the Viper ACR-E). 


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