Dodge Introduces “Muscle Experience” In Middle East Region:

Enthusiasts Get A Chance To Test Out Full Power Of Charger & Challenger...

Dodge has unleashed a new heart-pounding driving experience in Dubai for its fans in the Middle East. The “Dodge Muscle Experience”, will give enthusiasts the chance to test out the full power of Dodge performance vehicles in a safe and controlled environment.

Dodge Muscle Experience In Middle East. (Dodge Middle East).

With more than 45 years of muscle car heritage, the Dodge brand has a legacy of performance embodied by its famous muscle cars, the Dodge Charger sedan, the Dodge Challenger coupe, and their SRT variants. The “Dodge Muscle Experience” builds on its heritage with three unique experiences featuring vehicles like the Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack and the Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT Widebody.

Thrill-seekers who want to taste real power can now choose from two exhilarating drifting experiences, available to book internationally so that both residents and tourists have the chance to enjoy. The ‘Charger Drift Taxi’ is a white-knuckle ride for the whole family where Dodge’s experienced professional drift drivers will take guests on thrilling drift laps around the Dubai Autodrome, including sideways slides and the ‘rollercoaster effect’.

Those who are ready to experience jaw-dropping G-forces can take on the ‘Challenger Drift Experience’, which takes the tempo, tire screeching and smokiness a notch higher with faster and more aggressive drifting around Dubai’s popular racetrack.

Dodge Muscle Experience In Middle East. (Dodge Middle East).

Performance enthusiasts looking to tame their beast, improve their street cred, and get the maximum performance from their Dodge can sign up for the ‘Dodge Master Class’, the first-ever American Muscle car drifting and advanced driving school by Dodge in the region. Under the guidance of professional Dodge instructors, participants can learn how to harness the power of their Dodge, master advanced driving techniques and become a ‘Dodge Certified Driver.

Jeff Ellsworth, Head of Brand at Dodge Middle East, said: “Motorsport and Drift-Racing continue to grow in popularity in this region, so there is a palpable demand for platforms that can provide the thrills and the skills desired by that audience, something that our one hundred years of racing heritage puts us in the best position to do. The ‘Dodge Muscle Experience’ also ensures that our customers are able to use their cars for what they were built for in a safe and fun environment.”

Graham McNamara, Managing Director at Prodrift Academy, said: “We at the Prodrift Academy are very excited to be partnering Dodge Middle East in creating the “Dodge Muscle Experience”. For the past six years, we have been working hard on making the specialist sport of drifting more accessible to the general public and with our team of International instructors and the power and performance of the Dodge fleet, we are about to take the “Dodge Muscle Experience” to the next level of drift entertainment.” 

Dodge Muscle Experience In Middle East. (Dodge Middle East).

The ‘Dodge Muscle Experience’ is now open for registration at www.dodge-mx.com in partnership with automotive entertainment experts Prodrift Academy. The program has a dedicated area throughout the year at Dubai Autodrome for the drift experiences while the Dodge Masterclass operates at select venues across the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Source: Dodge Middle East

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