Digital Artist Shows Us How Cool A Modern Ramcharger Could Be!

Ramcharger Pickup, Could Be Good Basis For A SUV...

Ram, the renowned automotive manufacturer, has recently unveiled its latest creation, the 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger. However, this revelation has left Ram purists with mixed emotions, especially those who had hoped for the return of the Ramcharger name on a full-size body-on-frame SUV.

The Ramcharger name holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of enthusiasts, dating back to its roots as part of the Dodge brand. From 1974 to 1993, the Ramcharger was a staple in the lineup, serving as a full-size SUV based on a shortened wheelbase Dodge D-150/Ram 150 pickup. This two-door SUV came in both two-wheel drive (4×2) and four-wheel drive (4×4) variants.

1993 Dodge Ramcharger LE 4×4. (Dodge).

Despite being discontinued in the U.S. and Canada in 1993, the Ramcharger continued production in Mexico until 1996. A nameplate revival occurred in Mexico from 1999 to 2001, with approximately 30,000 two-door SUVs based on the Ram 1500 being produced exclusively in a 4×2 configuration.

The recent unveiling of the 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger has reignited the desire for a modern-day version of this iconic SUV. Digital artists, such as Jim Lord (@jlord8) on Instagram, wasted no time envisioning the new Ramcharger on a shortened wheelbase and in a two-door form, showcasing the potential for a stunning design.

Built on the STLA Large architecture, which also underpins the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, the 2025 Ramcharger opens up possibilities for Ram to produce a variant of the SUV in line with the dimensions of the modern-day Wagoneer. This move would make sense, especially in a four-door layout, where the electrified powertrain of the 2025 Ramcharger could seamlessly operate.

Under the hood, the 2025 Ramcharger boasts a liquid-cooled 92 kWh battery pack paired with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine onboard a 130 kW generator. Power is distributed through 250-kW front and 238-kW rear Electric Drive Modules (EDMs), which combine the motor, gearbox, and inverter for an efficient all-wheel-drive capability. The front EDM includes an automatic wheel-end disconnect for optimal efficiency, while the rear axle features an available electronic-locking rear differential.

2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger STLA Frame Architecture. (Ram).

The question arises: Is Ram listening? The call from enthusiasts is clear – make the modern-day Ramcharger a reality. With a rich legacy and a promising blend of classic design and cutting-edge technology, the 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger can potentially be a paradigm breaker in the SUV market. The ball is in Ram’s court, and fans are eager to see if they will heed the call and bring back a legend.

Robert S. Miller

Robert S. Miller is a diehard Mopar enthusiast who lives and breathes all that is Mopar. The Michigander is not only the Editor for MoparInsiders.com, 5thGenRams.com, and HDRams.com but an automotive photographer. He is an avid fan of offshore powerboat racing, which he travels the country to take part in.

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Now is the time to move the Durango up to full size. This front end and improve lines over the Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer will only add to the Dodge and RAM brands. It also makes me wonder if Ramcharger could be a sub-brand of sorts, complete with full-size Pickup, SUV, Van variants?

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