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07 Dodge Charger, on 22s 60s back 70s front


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Feb 4, 2024
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Twice now she (WILD THING) is what I call her , has saved us passing cars legally by the lines in center of road and cars pulling out right in front of us , and all the sudden like she's alive we hit a power ban launching us forward around and back in lane just missing the pull out car , I REALLY BELIEVE THIS CAR IS ALIVE LIKE # 5 IS ALIVE , AND LOVES ME , PREVIOUS OWNER DROVE HER HARD AND PUT HER AWAY WET , I had ta 2 foot drive her off the car lot , I was looking to buy a truck , She called my name from across the lot, ran cheep gas in her, change a coil pack, that was it , a little raceing fule and only hi octane , car was missing the hi octane gas lid sticker , HEMI engine, high octane gas that's a given, needless to say she peeerrrrsss really loud (no cats , oxygen CENCERS in 3 inch pipe costom fitted and welded open exhaust all the way out back , street legal in Florida , other CHARGERS, mustangs, Camaros , salines , we dragged them all , went even up with a all engine model a , we stayed eye to eye not looking at road till he looked away shaking his head , he had no more to give , wild thing was gonna start dragging that model A at around 140 ,IM LOOKING FOR A DEMON OR HELLCAT TO PLAY WITH , my own family to give me a real race , lots of after market ,gas adommizing plate , charcoal Air quality can and exhaust recirculating air filter, big mouth throttle body and K&M after market air filter

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