Chrysler Teased Dealers Last Month With A 300 Successor

New Electric Sedan, To Feature Hatchback Design Like Charger Daytona...

The 2023 Chrysler 300C has started to reach customers, signaling the end of a chapter for the legendary Detroit automaker. With the 300C likely being the final HEMI-powered sedan, it also represents the end of the line for any new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle from the brand. While the Pacifica will continue in its current form for a few more years, the 300C is the last new ICE-powered model as Chrysler pivots towards an all-electric lineup by 2028.

2023 Chrysler 300C Limited Edition in Bright White. (Chrysler).

Although Chrysler has unveiled its Airflow Concept, a five-passenger crossover built on the new STLA Large platform, the company has not released any official information regarding upcoming products. However, according to our sources, Airflow is expected to join the Chrysler lineup in late 2024 as a 2025 model. It will be manufactured at the Stellantis Windsor Assembly Plant in Windsor, Ontario, alongside the new Dodge Charger Daytona. Upon its release, the Airflow will directly compete with electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Blazer EV and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept. (Chrysler).

At its recent dealer meeting in Las Vegas, Stellantis presented a preview of its upcoming products to its dealers in a secure, electronics-free environment. Among the products showcased was a new electric sedan from Chrysler. 

According to several dealer sources, the upcoming Chrysler electric sedan resembles the images teased during Stellantis’ EV Day 2021 presentation. The presentation featured silhouettes of a sleek, fastback coupe-like sedan with Chrysler logos on the wheels.

Electric Chrysler Sedan Design showcased during EV Day 2021 Presentation. (Stellantis).

Attendees have reported that the upcoming Chrysler electric sedan shares a similar size and hatchback design as the upcoming Charger Daytona BEV. While specifics about the vehicle were limited, those present noted that the sedan’s layout is reminiscent of the new Charger.

In January 2022, Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell stated in an interview with Automotive News that the automaker would be introducing a new, completely redesigned vehicle to replace the 300. While it remains unclear if this new sedan is the successor to the 300, Chrysler may continue offering a full-size sedan in its lineup to compete with rivals such as the Tesla Model S, BMW i7, and Mercedes EQS.

Electric Chrysler Sedan Design Teased To The Media. (Stellantis).

If this new vehicle comes to market, it would indicate that the Dodge Charger will again have a Chrysler counterpart. We sure hope so.

What are your thoughts on the future of a Chrysler BEV sedan? Please share your opinions in the comments below or on the MoparInsiders.com forums.

Robert S. Miller

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Sure, I have my obsession with Chrysler 300. Sure I owned and totally enjoyed one. Sure, sometimes I put emotional thinking ahead of pragmatic thinking, but on this topic I am combining both. Emotionally I see sedans, the 300 and it’s fundamental under pining of the Chrysler brand as a connection to my vision of the future that quickens my heart. But as a business case for a sedan that contradicts some industry directional thinking, this bolstered by common sense I argue with confidence. My super brain thinks this is a no brained.
The 300 has legs, a true marketable niche, a shared stable mate on a platform built in a shared factory and direct luxury import competitors that have not given up on sedans. Indeed the 300 is viable, profitable and necessary to Chrysler.
From a development and business cost factor, Dodge Charger Banshee needs a mainstream large market stable mate to offset costs. 300. Dodge needs to spread development costs to justify a niche vehicle like the Banshee. 300. And Chrysler needs a sedan to be competitive in its traditional market with its traditional customer base. 300. I repeat the Chrysler 300 SEDAN !
The 300 decision covered here is a monumental, a brand survival decision. I support it with my mind and above all, with my heart. Welcome to the future, the all electric Chrysler 300. Yes the Sedan Chrysler 300.

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It was not that long ago when Feuell said that sedans were only being considered but not too likely since Dodge still wanted their foot in that segment. Kinda surprised she seemingly changed her tone, this meeting indicating heavily that such car is coming.
For other future product, an electric minivan to take Pacificas place is a given, even if that's for sure gonna take a few more years, though it's been said that the Airflow itself isn't supposed to become a production car like the REV and Daytona. And if we go back to the original Reddit post (wherever it's archived) where all the future product was leaked out, only a sedan was seemingly brought up. No production Airflow status or larger SUVs and crossovers.
Meanwhile, Lancia apparently had their 3 product plans approved as far back as 2021 and Alfa CEO has pretty much made up his mind on upcoming products before 2028 (sub Tonale crossover, next gen Giulia and Stelvio, at least one larger product to appeal to the US and I assume China)

So yes, honestly not sure what to make of whatever Chrysler is doing. Our latest peek under the curtain besides the dealer leaks is an interior that won't be in individual consumer hands for another 8-10 years.

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To be a product owner right now in the Automotive space takes guts. You can try to be bland and appeal to everyone (super hard in a competitive space). You can try to be bold and make a hit (PT Cruiser) or miss the mark completely (Pontiac Aztek). You can be conservative and stick with ICE and your current base - and maybe prove right that EVs are not ready, or be a dino. You can go all in on EV and futuristic and lead - or end up the Commodore Amiga to the automotive world - ahead of your time.

What you can't do it just sit. Then you are a Kmart, AOL, and some may say a Yahoo.....

All the while - there will be thousands of people (customers, colleagues, pundits) who say you are wrong.

What I do know is you can't just listen to boards like this - as it is a self-selected often echo-chamberous group.

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Here is a theory..... Airflow Wagon... 300 SportsBack.... now I hate Sportsbacks but there is not denying the popularity in the premium space.

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Remember when Chrysler announced their 2012 future product plan when it decided to take on the mainstream market instead of being a blue-collar luxury player?


So far, we know there could be a 300-like sedan, which we have teaser images of, the Airflow for sure (E-segment), and the next-gen Minivan.

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