Chrysler Says New Crossover Concept Will Be Shown Next Year

Don't Expect A Production Model To Hit The Market Until 2025...

Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell revealed exciting plans for the brand’s future during her recent appearance at the Reuters’ Automotive USA Summit in Detroit. With a firm commitment to transition towards an all-electric lineup by 2028, Chrysler is gearing up to release an all-new concept vehicle in early 2025.

2022 Chrysler Airflow Concept BEV. (Chrysler).

After teasing enthusiasts for two years with the Airflow Concept, Chrysler has decided to return to the drawing board to create a vehicle that will truly revolutionize the automotive industry. This forthcoming concept will serve as a preview of what is set to replace the Airflow, drawing inspiration from its design while pushing boundaries even further.

The new vehicle, built on the cutting-edge STLA Large architecture, is set to redefine the crossover segment with its innovative features and futuristic aesthetics. Although rooted in the Airflow’s legacy, this concept promises to boast a distinct identity that is bound to turn heads on the road.

2022 Chrysler Airflow Concept BEV. (Chrysler).

One of the most notable aspects of this groundbreaking release is Chrysler’s commitment to advanced software integration. Feuell announced that the new vehicle will be the first in North America to incorporate Chrysler’s three pioneering software platforms: STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit, and STLA AutoDrive, enabling up to Level 3 automated driving capabilities. This technological leap will offer consumers a seamless and intelligent driving experience, setting a new standard for automotive innovation.

For reference, the Airflow Concept was powered by two 150 kW (201 horsepower) electric drive modules (EDMs), one in the front and one in the rear, resulting in a combined output of 402 horsepower. Chrysler stated that the Airflow Concept could achieve a maximum range of up to 400 miles on a single charge. We expect the new vehicle to better that.

2022 Chrysler Airflow Concept BEV. (Chrysler).

While enthusiasts may need to exercise some patience, as the launch is scheduled for 2025, it’s clear that Chrysler is determined to make a significant impact on the automotive landscape. In the interim, the Chrysler Pacifica and its variants will continue to represent the brand’s for 18 months on its own, until the new vehicle launches. 

Source: The Detroit News 

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Let’s face it Dodge and Chrysler have a problem called Stellantis. This group has great potential, offers a range of engineering capacities the old Chrysler Corporation or even Fiat Chrysler could never, ever have mustered, but the downside, call it “EUROTHINK” if I may, has put fear into my sailors heart. Chrysler, it seems evident, is lost at sea, without a compass. The bland, uninspiring next generation flagship, the Euro inspired Airflow, sank like an anchor once public reaction hit the bow. I see nothing to encourage me that has come so far from the Captain’s bridge and it’s defined all-electric destination is an iceberg looming in the fog. Is anyone else thinking Titanic? Was that ship not a European creation? Bad omen! Duck, it’s an albatross !
Now Dodge has a captain, a compass, but no wind at its back from Stellantis. The crew is trying to mutiny with some old Mopar inspired course corrections, but the sails are slack and the tide of Eurothink is driving the ship towards to rocks of environmentalist ruin. Holly Minnow, Is that Gilligan signaling us!
I might be a landlubber, but I know a ship in trouble. Time to head for the lifeboats boys!!!

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Once again Lucy sets up the football for Charley Brown. Good grief!

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Least if it on the STLA large they can add ICE when EV market shown to be unviable to the CARB states

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Just putting some things together here with all that is going on in Stellantis and some of their supporting manufacturers, mainly ZF. A while back, Stellantis started mentioning this new crossover called the Dodge Stealth, stating it to be possible replacement for the aging, but awesome, Dodge Durango, saying that it was going to be on the STLA Large platform, stating that it will be "Drastically different" than the Durango & more along the lines of "what people are looking for." as reported by an article on another auto news website. The reason I mention all of this is because they're touting the Airflow as a crossover and if that's the case, this Dodge Stealth crossover could be more along the lines of something like this and fill the role of the previous Dodge Journey but with a bit more of a Dodge Magnum/Coronet Wagon kind of attitude. If Dodge was brazen enough to make a Durango Hellcat, what would keep them from continuing that same kind of energy in a crossover on a much more dynamic platform, especially with the potential of the powertrains that will be arriving shortly in the form of the Hurricane I-6 Turbo engines? Stellantis just introduced the world to it's new trucks with 420hp and 540hp powertrains with some impressive EV variants as well and we know those Hurricane powertrains are coming to the STLA large platform so a high performance wagon-like crossover makes sense as a stablemate to the new 2-door Charger. Adding the new hybrid ZF 8-speed to the back of a 550hp Hurricane High Output I-6 engine along with the 44hp starter motor from the 4Xe powertrain results in Black-Ghost rivaling horsepower with fewer emissions and alot of tuning potential left on the table. the performance levels move up from there with a full BEV setup with a dual motor setup capable of 884hp and a tri-motor setup capable of 1,326hp, surpassing both Tesla and Lucid in the EV horsepower wars. I think most people and auto manufacturers have begun to realize that the full EV movement is a bit further off than initially projected and that there are other ways to go about this than to do the knee jerk reaction that they were initially trying to do that was going to lead to a more problematic situation than what we currently have right now. ZF is making remarkable progress with the next gen 8-speed automatic with the hybrid technology and has basically turned the transmission itself into an actual power adder that actually creates cleaner vehicles and still offers impressive performance.
While I do see Dodge, Jeep and Ram utilizing alot of this technology with the STLA Large and Frame platform vehicles, and STLA medium vehicles, I feel like Chrysler may take a different path altogether, if the brand survives. The Chrysler brand has somewhat repositioned itself into being the Buick of the Stellantis lineup, being that Jeep has truly become a genuine luxury line with vehicles like the Grand Cherokee, Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, as they offer more luxury and features than anything in the Chrysler lineup. To be honest, a Ram Truck is more luxurious than a Chrysler 300 sedan and it's a truck. Chrysler has become a truly dying branch of the Mopar tree and may soon be pruned from existence completely. While minivans have their purpose, they are a dying breed seeing that most people don't have big families anymore and a crossover can handle most family duties for the people who still do have families and the Chrysler 300 is a sedan that is completely out of touch and lacks purpose. Put it this way, if Jeep were to bring out a vehicle similar to the Airflow but had it sit a little bit higher with some taller tires, gave it an air suspension that could raise the chassis up about 4" for doing a little bit of light off roading, threw in a 4Xe powertrain with the optional full 402hp dual motor BEV option and gave it a Grand Cherokee-like interior and called it the Jeep Eagle, referencing the original crossover, the AMC Eagle, Chrysler would effectively be extinct. Even a Citadel version of a Dodge Stealth or offering Citadel, Limited & Tungsten new Durango on the STLA: Frame platform would literally put the Chrysler brand in the grave. Let's take it a step further and even talk about the EV aspect of what Chrysler is talking about with the Airflow. A 402hp dual motor EV isn't much to talk about when they're talking about a 340kW (455hp) and a 440kW 400v system on a vehicle built on the same platform.

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This snails pace is just a slow death. The stupidity of the people running things now is incredible.
Kill the Challenger and Charger before replacements are ready, real smart. And the people who buy them do not want or can afford EVs. Takes a real genius to recognize that.
The Jeep Cherokee sits in the hottest segment right now and it looks and feels ancient. Take your time guys, you are already five years late, what's a few more?
Why doesn't the Grand Cherokee have the option of all terrain tires? It is a Jeep. Why do you have to go 4XE to get a Trail Hawk? And what is with the awful color choices. Are they color blind? Rocky Mountain
looks more like pond scum. Midnight Sky is just another black, and Silver Zenith and Baltic Gray are dull. Granite Crystal was beautiful, guess that's why they replaced it.
I sure some will criticize me for this post, but I'm pissed and saddened with just about everything that's happening to Chysler, Dodge and Jeep.

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