Check Out This Awesome Custom Full-Size Ram SUV From The 1990s!

Custom Build From 1996, Is Up For Grabs...

We love custom builds, especially from the 1990s. During that time it seemed that there was an unlimited number of aftermarket conversion companies creating special edition pickups, vans, and SUVs. But while surfing the classifieds this week, one particular vehicle caught our eye.

1996 Dodge Ram “Trail Charger” SUV. (Streetside Classics).

With the recent introduction of the full-size Wagoneer, many people have wondered why the Dodge brand ever produced a follow-up to the beloved Ramcharger which ended production in 1993. Sure there was the Mexican-market exclusive Ramcharger produced from 1999 to 2001, but only a few found their way across the border.

1996 Dodge Ram “Trail Charger” SUV. (Streetside Classics).

But in the mid-1990s, conversions were creating a number of full-size SUV variants of the Dodge Ram. This one currently in inventory at Streetside Classics in Tampa, Florida, is quite the looker. After doing some research, we found that this creation was produced by Show Trucks USA in Terrell, Texas. Dubbed the Trail Charger, only 36 of these vehicles were ever produced.

1996 Dodge Ram “Trail Charger” SUV. (Streetside Classics).

According to an article we found, the Trail Charger featured a steel body and fiberglass rear hatch. The SUV’s rear seat is actually a Dodge Dakota front bench seat, the rear side glass is custom, while the rear glass is from a Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ). The source said that during the building process, the bed of the truck was welded to the cab with pieces of the roof being used as a “filler”. 

1996 Dodge Ram “Trail Charger” SUV. (Streetside Classics).

Overall, the two-door SUV is quite the looker in its Flame Red exterior paint and two-tone Gray body kit.

Under the hood, is the tried and true 5.9-liter (360 cubic-inch) MAGNUM V8. At the time, the 5.9-liter would produce 230 horsepower and 330 lb.-ft. of torque and was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. The odometer shows 99,245 miles on it.

1996 Dodge Ram “Trail Charger” SUV. (Streetside Classics).

The truck is loaded with desirable features such as a sunroof, power windows, power locks, a tilt wheel, a driver airbag, and cold-blowing air conditioning.

1996 Dodge Ram “Trail Charger” SUV. (Streetside Classics).

The photos shown on the Streetside Classics’ website, appear to show that truck is in pretty good shape. The asking price for the custom SUV is $20,995, which seems like a pretty good deal in today’s market for a custom-built SUV. We are sure it would make an interesting piece for someone’s Mopar collection.

1996 Dodge Ram “Trail Charger” SUV. (Streetside Classics).

To see more, you can visit the Streetside Classics website.

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