CAUGHT: High-Performance 2024 Abarth 500e On Public Roads!

Appears Just A Few Days After Leaked Photo...

There is a lot riding on the introduction of the all-new Abarth 500e battery-electric vehicle (BEV) for the ‘Scorpion’ brand. As the brand’s first electrified entry and a vehicle that will ultimately lead the “charge” for the Abarth brand, the stakes are high for Stellantis engineers to create an amazing package that captures the spirit of the current 595 and 695 models.

Abarth 500e Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

In recent days, an image was leaked showing the completely exposed front of the vehicle on the interwebs. But now, our friend spy photographer Walter Vayr (@GabetzSPYUnit) has captured the first fully-camouflaged model, wearing the body changes from the leaked photo to make its way onto public roads. Of course, now Stellantis engineering has the vehicle fully camouflaged to hide all of the car’s details from prying eyes.

Abarth 500e Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

Until now, early test mules have been wearing a standard Fiat 500e body over the car’s new electrified powertrain

But despite the new heavy vinyl camouflage covering most of the vehicle, we do get a good look at a few details that really stand out from the standard car. 

Abarth 500e Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

While overall styling is very similar to the current Fiat 500e from which it is derived, these new images help enforce the certainty that the leaked photo is indeed real. The images show the presence of the new central air intake and two corner ones, which have their own unique grille pattern textures. The pattern reminds us of the North American 500e, which was in production from 2013 to 2019.

Abarth 500e Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

The images also show us a few other new details about the car. These details include the addition of what appears to be a small rear defuser to help move air underneath the vehicle and the addition of a new performance-oriented steering wheel exclusive to the Abarth model.

Abarth 500e Prototype. (GabetzSPYUnit).

It is expected that this car could get an official unveiling sometime in early 2023, however, Abarth has not said anything specifically about any details as of yet.

2024 Abarth 500e Prototype Image Gallery:

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There is so much I don't know, such as if it will cross the pond, and how complex does it become to enable the performance increase over the regular Fiat 500e. Some sort of transmission with torque vectoring would be OK, but I still need some rear seat/cargo room, so a rear or dual motors are out for me. Really this Abarth and the more mundane Fiat 500e are the only battery electric cars that interest me. The Fiat 500e has a good track record, FCA treated the original compliance car program as an apprenticeship and has learned well from it.

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