Another Great Year In The Books For The Woodward Dream Cruise!

Classic, Modern, & Specialty Mopars Unite...

The Woodward Dream Cruise is North America’s largest celebration of automotive culture. The annual event attracts an estimated 1.5 million people and over 40,000 specialty, classic, and muscle cars from around the globe to Woodward Avenue (M-1).

2022 Woodward Dream Cruise. (MoparInsiders).

For over a century, Woodward Avenue has had an important part in the automotive landscape. On March 17th, 1895, Woodward was the scene for the first street ticket issued for street racing when two unidentified “motorized” vehicles drag raced before dawn.

2022 Woodward Dream Cruise. (MoparInsiders).

Over the decades, the road become infamous for street racing. Detroit’s Big-3 automakers would even get in the action, with engineers testing prototype engines, parts, and setups on the weekends to see how they would perform.

2022 Woodward Dream Cruise. (MoparInsiders).

Throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s, cruisers would make their way to Woodward for the car scene. Diners like Teds, Totem Pole, Hollywood, Wigwam, Big Boy, and Suzie Q’s were popular turnarounds, stopping points, and hangouts for cruisers during those times. 

2022 Woodward Dream Cruise. (MoparInsiders).

While cruising died down during the late-70s and 80s, it never stopped. However in 1995, a group to raise money for a soccer field in Ferndale, Michigan, thought it would be great to relive the nostalgic days of the past by cruising Woodward. Little did they know that 250,000 would participate in that first year.

2022 Woodward Dream Cruise. (MoparInsiders).

Yesterday, we spend some time out on Woodward and 12 Mile Road, checking out the scene. Of course, there were a number of classic and modern Mopars out on the street. There were also a number of extended Mopar family vehicles a foot, with quite a few Alfa Romeo, AMC, FIAT, and Maserati vehicles enjoying the festivities as well.

2022 Woodward Dream Cruise. (MoparInsiders).

The Woodward Dream Cruise is a must-do for any motorhead. I suggest if you have been to it, put it on your bucket list.

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