FIAT Adds New Tipo Cross Wagon & Panda To It’s (RED) Lineup!

Time To Paint The Town (RED)...

FIAT is continuing its partnership with (RED), an organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to turn companies into a weapon to combat the AIDS pandemic. (RED) is also fighting the urgent threat of COVID-19 and its devastating impact on the most vulnerable communities in the world. Joining the (500)RED family launched last September is the recently updated (Tipo)RED and the (Panda)RED models.


2022 Fiat (Tipo)RED Cross Station Wagon. (FIAT).

(Tipo)RED is based on the new Cross Station Wagon body and is available on the Tipo hatchback. The new (RED) is immediately recognizable for its (RED) logo on the pillars and the red color, known as Passione Red, with body-color wing mirrors. (Tipo)RED is also available in Colosseo Grey, Gelato White, and Cinema Black with red wing mirrors.

2022 Fiat (Tipo)RED Cross Station Wagon. (FIAT).

Sustainability lies in the details. The seats are made with SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC and feature the FIAT monogram and red stitching. SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC is a new sustainable, fully-traceable raw material from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE that is made from marine litter. The plastic is made 100% from marine plastic.

Tipo Cross Station Wagon –

2022 Fiat (Tipo)RED Cross Station Wagon. (FIAT).

The Tipo line-up is expanding with the new Cross Station Wagon body, designed to meet the needs of any family looking for more space. The trunk capacity increases by 110 dm3 compared to the Cross hatchback version, practically one extra suitcase for the family, and reaches 550 dm3.

2022 Fiat (Tipo)RED Cross Station Wagon. (FIAT).

With its new body, the Cross Station Wagon features the same design cues as the hatchback variant: the elegant finishes of the specific front grilles, the brushed chrome details (such as the external handles, roof bars, side skirts, finishes on the lower front grille, and fog light bezels), and the body-color wing mirrors. It also comes with matt black 17-inch diamond-cut aluminum wheels and full-LED headlights and taillights.

2022 Fiat (Tipo)RED Cross Station Wagon. (FIAT).

The new Tipo line-up consists of four trim levels (Tipo, City Life, City Cross, and Cross) with new specifications as standard on the hatchback and station wagon bodies, both also available in the Cross variant. The line-up has also been developed for those who seek space and versatility without sacrificing style. Fans of the great outdoors need space to transport their equipment or just to travel in complete comfort with their family or friends.


2022 Fiat (Panda)RED. (FIAT).

The new (Panda)RED is based on the City Cross trim, with its exterior and interior featuring the same hallmarks as the Tipo (color palette, badge, and upholstery).

2022 Fiat (Panda)RED. (FIAT).

The Panda is the market leader in Italy and – together with the 500 – the segment leader in Europe. Around 8 million models have been produced, and the (RED) message will be conveyed to every fan of this icon. The Panda is becoming a testimonial for the excellence of the partnership with (RED) and for the brand’s social commitment.
The (Panda)RED is equipped with the Hybrid engine, to emphasize the commitment to sustainable urban mobility more attentive to the environment.


2022 Fiat (500e)RED. (FIAT).

The electrified (500e)RED is enhanced with a unique, relevant specification, useful in everyday life – the “Sanitizing Glove Box”.

A new system consists of a UV-C lamp. According to laboratory tests, the irradiation from the UV-C lamp, already after 1 second and from 2 cm away, performs a highly effective action, killing over 99% of viruses and bacteria on the exposed surface of the items.

2022 Fiat (500e)RED. (FIAT).

The UV-C lamp is inside the dashboard glove compartment and it helps sanitize the surface of the items exposed to it, such as your smartphone, door keys, and other small everyday objects. In practice, all you need to do is place your small personal goods in the glove box, close it and turn on the system by pressing the special button on the center console. External blue light and a beep tell you when the 3-minute irradiation cycle is complete.
As always, FIAT offers simple, innovative, and relevant solutions. “Protect the planet and its people” the 500e mantra has inspired engineers to look into an innovative solution.

2022 Fiat (500e)RED. (FIAT).

All (FIAT)RED models are equipped with an air cabin filter of the climate control system, treated with a biocide substance with highly effective action (>99.9% at the time of the treatment) against bacteria, preventing re-aerosolization in the cabin. The steering wheel and seats (the high contact surfaces) have also been subjected to treatment with a biocide that is highly effective (up to 99.9% depending on the components) against viruses and bacteria.

All (FIAT)RED models come with a Welcome Kit, including a specially designed dispenser and a specific key cover for a final touch of customization.

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This Red (Tipo) offering will invigorate the Fiat brand, taking a page out of Dodges playbook. In this case building on green thinking in the European market. In fact I did speak to relatives in Italy who sat in this exact Fiat. They said that siting in this Fiat was like floating on water. Floating on water, get it?

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I'm glad that they're finally investing something on the Tipo. Especially in marketing. It's a vehicle that has exceeded its sales expectations especially considering the engines it came with, and the paltry marketing budget.
The MCA refresh did wonders to it.

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Hmmmm seems late.... some people here advocated for this YEARS ago.

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Oh, this is definitely late. I think this lost some precious time in the transition from FCA to Stellantis.

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By the way, I already saw several post-MCA Tipos around. The improvements in the optics make an enormous difference in the visual appeal of the car.
The Tipo Cross looks really nice.

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