UPDATED Information On The Awesome Ram 1500 Minotaur:

Raptor-Killer Has Ended Production, But There Is Still A Chance To Get Your Hands On One...

We have been getting many questions relating to the article we posted earlier this week about the Prefix Corporation Ram 1500 Minotaur package. The Baja-inspired Ram 1500 Minotaur caught a lot of attention from our readers. Many people were asking where they could purchase one. Since the article, we have gotten an update from Prefix on the truck, and it may be disheartening to some.

Jahn Dolphin, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Prefix has told us that the truck is no longer in production. “Ram decided to end production of the 2018 model Ram 1500 (Sport) back in the spring, and we were buying new Ram Sport (models) from the factory for each conversion. That’s the only way we were able to do (the complete truck) for such a reasonable price,” said Dolphin. “Once we were no longer able to obtain those trucks directly from Ram, the program had to end.”

2018 Ram 1500 Minotaur Supercharged 6.4-liter HEMI. (Prefix).

So, unfortunately, what is left on certified dealer’s inventory is all of the new Ram 1500 Minotaur pickups that are left. We were able to find a few used Minotaur Rams on used nationwide automotive search websites.

“Obviously, this was very frustrating as the Minotaur trucks are amazing and we have many people that still want to buy one,” said Dolphin. “We have not made any final decisions on whether or not we will develop (a similar package) with the new 2019 Ram 1500, as it requires extensive design, engineering and tooling costs to create something at that quality.”

With Ram already announcing their intent to build a production version Rebel TRX performance off-road pickup, it seems doubtful that Prefix would create a competing truck.

If you are a Mopar fan and a huge fan of the Ram 1500 (DS) pickups, then the Minotaur is still the ultimate F-150 SVT Raptor fighter for the time being.

2018 Ram 1500 Kryptek Minotaur. (Prefix).

There is still a chance to get your hands on a new Minotaur. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has a sweepstakes going on, with a grand prize of a 2018 Ram 1500 Kryptek Minotaur pickup. You can read the official rules by visiting, https://trucksweepstakes.nra.org/

Prefix does still offer services to the Mopar performance enthusiast, such as providing HEMI and Viper performance kits, HEMI Create Engines and rebuilding performance Viper V10 engines. You can see more at https://www.prefix.com/performance/



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