UPDATE: Nine Stolen Ram Trucks From The Warren Truck Assembly Plant:

Police In Search Of Convoy Of Stolen Trucks!

We told you this morning about the news that up to nine brand new Ram 1500 trucks, were stolen from a holding lot at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Warren, Michigan. Since then more information has come out about heist, as the Warren Police Department tries to get help from the public to find the people responsible for the theft.

It started around 4:00am this morning, when police say a group of thieves arrived at the holding lot at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in what is believed to be another stolen vehicle. Soon after arriving the thieves used bolt cutters to cut through the fence to gain access to the holding lot. Inside the lot, the thieves waited for each of others to get into brand new Ram 1500 models and drive towards the gate together as a convoy. It was then, that the lead truck crashed into the gate at the security checkpoint and the convoy escaped southbound on Mound Road towards the city of Detroit.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said that the thieves were “well organized” and “well planned out”. The Warren Police Department are looking for leads into who help commit the crime. They are currently looking into leads such as if it was an inside job, former employees and any other information that the public may have to lead to the capture of anyone in connection to the crime. Dwyer said they are reviewing security camera footage of the lot to help assist with the investigation.

FCA US released a statement this afternoon about the incident to the local media

“The Company will be assessing security measures at the location and implementing any necessary changes to prevent future incidents.”

If you have any information on the theft of the trucks from Warren Truck Assembly Plant, please call the Warren Police Department at (586) 574-4700.

Video Source: WXYZ Detroit

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