Unleashing the Ultimate Maserati: The Mansory MCX Pergusa

A Carbon Fiber Masterpiece Delivering Unmatched Performance and Exclusive Customization...

Mansory, the renowned Bavarian luxury tuner, has unveiled its latest creation: the Mansory MCX Pergusa, a complete vehicle conversion based on the Maserati MC20. This ultra-limited edition, with only five units being produced, combines aggressive design, top performance, and extensive customization options, making it one of the most exclusive and high-performing sports cars on the market.

Complete Transformation and Design –

Mansory MCX Pergusa. (Mansory).

The Mansory MCX Pergusa stands out with its striking full carbon fiber body, designed to maximize performance and aesthetics. The car features massively enlarged air intakes on the front bumper, ensuring optimal airflow to high-performance coolers, and a specially developed front lip that enhances both the car’s appearance and aerodynamic efficiency.

The carbon fiber theme continues with the wide wheel arches, side air intakes, and a new carbon hood that provides additional cooling for the powerful V6 engine. At the rear, an impressive carbon fiber wing and a new double diffuser with a central brake light enhance downforce, contributing to the car’s stability at high speeds. The four-pipe exhaust system completes the aggressive and sporty rear design.

Unmatched Performance –

Mansory MCX Pergusa. (Mansory).

Mansory has significantly upgraded the MC20’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter Nettuno V6 engine. Originally delivering 630 horsepower and 730 Nm (538 lb.-ft.) of torque, the engine now produces an astounding 750 horsepower and 880 Nm (649 lb.-ft.) of torque. This boost in performance is achieved through new engine electronics and a high-performance exhaust system.

These enhancements propel the Mansory MCX Pergusa into the realm of supercars, with a top speed of 335 km/h (208 mph) and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in just 2.6 seconds. The car features an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive, ensuring the immense power is effectively managed on the road.

High-Performance Wheels and Tires –

Mansory MCX Pergusa. (Mansory).

The Mansory MCX Pergusa rides on ultra-light forged rims, sized 9.5 x 21 inches at the front and 12 x 22 inches at the rear. These rims are paired with high-performance tires: 255/30 ZR21 at the front and 335/25 ZR22 at the rear. This combination provides exceptional grip, lateral dynamics, and stability, even at high speeds. The brake calipers are fully customizable in color and feature the Mansory logo.

Luxurious and Customizable Interior –

Mansory MCX Pergusa. (Mansory).

Inside, the Mansory MCX Pergusa offers a luxurious environment with extensive use of high-quality leather and carbon fiber. The interior is completely customizable, allowing owners to choose their preferred colors and materials. The model shown features an orange and black color scheme, with glove-soft leather and attention to detail evident throughout.

The orange seat belts with black Mansory logos, leather-covered footwell and floor mats, and carbon fiber accents create a sophisticated yet sporty atmosphere. The Mansory sports leather steering wheel and embroidered logos further refine the interior.

Eco and Fuel Efficiency –

Mansory MCX Pergusa. (Mansory).

Despite its high performance, the Mansory MCX Pergusa has a combined fuel consumption of 13.0 liters per 100 kilometers (18.1 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 310 grams per kilometer, balancing power and efficiency.

A Testament to Exclusivity –

Mansory MCX Pergusa. (Mansory).

Only five units were produced, making the Mansory MCX Pergusa a testament to exclusivity and performance. Each vehicle is tailored to the buyer’s specifications, making it a unique piece of automotive art. Combining cutting-edge materials, aggressive design, and top-tier performance, the MCX Pergusa represents the pinnacle of luxury and engineering.

For those seeking the ultimate customization and performance, the Mansory MCX Pergusa offers an unparalleled driving experience, showcasing what Mansory and Maserati have to offer.

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