Texas Mopar Clubs Annual BBQ “Meat” In Lulling, Texas!

We Attend The Event With Over 70 Mopars For The Annual Cruise...

With over 70 cars in attendance, Mopar enthusiasts from the Space City LX, Alamo City LX and other central Texas Mopar car clubs, all got together for the annual “Meat and Greet” Barbecue cruise in Lulling, Texas. While Texas is known for its barbecue, Lulling is the known state-wide for having some of the best barbecue around. So we couldn’t turn down the chance to go. 

Mopar Clubs of Texas “Meat and Greet” in Lulling, Texas. (MoparInsiders).

It was an eclectic group of Mopars that made the trip. Everything from Chargers to Challengers, 300s to Grand Cherokee SRTs, Power Wagons to even a Duster 340, there was some kind of Mopar to suit everyone’s taste.

Most of the people in attendance went to the legendary City Market early, to beat the line. There we enjoyed brisket, ribs and sausage sold on butcher paper, and boy did it hit the spot. After, that is was time to talk to some of our Mopar enthusiasts and check out their rides. With only about 5,900 people in the small town of Lulling, that massive group of Mopars caught a lot of attention.

Mopar Clubs of Texas “Meat and Greet” in Lulling, Texas. (MoparInsiders).

Everyone had an amazing time and MoparInsiders was happy we got the opportunity to come along for some great food and time with friends. 

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Mike Volkmann

Michael Volkmann, a mechanical engineer in the steel industry, autocrossed and road-raced Neons. Michael has drag raced his 1971 Duster 340, 2015 Dodge Charger SRT392, 2009 Challenger R/T, and Neons, of which he’s owned seven — one SRT4, three ACRs, and three Sport Coupes.

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