Stellantis’ Opel Brand Teases It’s All-New Astra Just Weeks Before It’s Debut!

We Get A Peek Of The German Brand's New Hatchback Out Testing...

Development of the sixth-generation Opel Astra is on target, according to the German brand. With the debut of the brand’s best-selling compact model just a few weeks away, final testing, tuning, and validation continue. Opel engineers took Astra prototypes and development units to the icy roads of Swedish Lapland, and some have been racing around the test tracks at the Dudenhofen Test Center, and recently have been carrying out validation drives on public roads in the Frankfort Rhine-Main region in Germany. The new Astra also went final tests in the Rüsselsheim EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) laboratory before receiving type approval for production. 

2022 Opel Astra L winter testing in Sweden. (Opel).

“The demanding test program of the all-new Astra is going exceptionally well”, says Astra Chief Engineer, Mariella Vogler. “The development team, which, by the way, comprises more female engineers than ever before has created an uncompromisingly cool new generation of Astra that will thrill our customers.”

2022 Opel Astra L winter testing in Sweden. (Opel).

With the new Astra, Opel is demonstrating German precision in every detail and taking direct aim at the sweet spot of the compact market sector. The vehicle is based on the third generation of the EMP2 platform which made its wheelbase grow by 55 mm (2.2-inches). The pure and bold design, top technologies, and exciting powertrain line-up include a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) variant, which should be shared with the Peugeot 3008.

New Opel Astra Teaser. (Opel).

Last month, Opel gave us a sneak peek at the upcoming Astra with a series of teaser images. While we won’t be seeing this car here in the North American market, the Astra was once sold here for a single year in 2008 under the Saturn brand when General Motors (GM) owned Opel. The Astra then made an appearance as the Buick Verano from 2011 to 2016, in the North American market before being discontinued.

2022 Opel Astra L testing in the Frankfort Rhine-Main region. (Opel).

Opel says that the next-generation Astra will be offered in a five-door hatchback and Sports Tourer wagon configuration. 

2022 Opel Astra L testing in the Frankfort Rhine-Main region. (Opel).

Pulling inspiration from the new Opel Mokka, the new front styling of the Astra is part of the new face of the brand which stretches across the front, seamlessly integrating technologies such as the ultra-slim IntelliLux LED® headlamps bringing cutting-edge innovation to the compact market segment. At the rear, the Astra nameplate will centrally be placed on the surface of the tailgate.

2022 Opel Astra L testing in the Frankfort Rhine-Main region. (Opel).

Be sure to stay tuned as we will be taking a look at more Opel vehicles including the Astra, as the Stellantis continues to integrate the Peugeot and Fiat Chrysler sides of the company’s portfolio. The sixth-generation Astra will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in October 2021 

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Ho hum. Not going to set my world on fire.

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Frankfurt Motor Show? Not going to happen. IAA moves to Munich.

I‘m curious about the Astra. Hopefully less conservative this time. But not as busy as the 308.

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That's the balance I want them to hit. Something with mroe identity than the GM Opel products but not as busy as Peugeot.
IMO, both Opel and Fiat have potential to sell way more than Peugeot with comparable ranges.

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If they want to inject a life into Chrysler, they can use Opel as a start and use the proper Chrysler's design, similar to what Buick was up to 2017.

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I agree with that. I believe the main challenge would be to find manufacturing facility to make the Chrysler versions. Would they be done in Europe?
I don't know how import tariffs are currently between the EU and the US.
If they would manufacture said vehicles in the US, then they would lose economy of scale.

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