Stellantis Offering Buyouts To Half Of Its U.S. Salaried Work Force

Workers Have Until December 8th To Consider...

Stellantis has announced its strategic move to offer buyout packages to approximately half of its non-bargaining unit U.S. employees, marking the second round of such initiatives within the same year. The decision to extend voluntary separation packages to 6,400 out of 12,700 white-collar employees underscores the company’s efforts to optimize operational efficiency and streamline North American operations costs.

Stellantis North America HQ and Technical Center. (MoparInsiders).

In an official statement released on Monday, the automotive giant highlighted the evolving landscape of the U.S. automotive industry, citing the challenging market conditions as a driving force behind these structural adjustments. Stellantis emphasized the imperative nature of these actions to safeguard its operations while navigating the transition towards electric vehicles, a sector witnessing significant investment and technological advancements.

Mark Stewart, Stellantis’ North American Chief Operating Officer, personally addressed the affected employees, elucidating the program’s details and purpose. Employees have until December 8 to consider and accept these buyout offers, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing ample time for decision-making.

This latest development comes in the wake of the automotive industry’s concerted efforts to curtail expenses amid economic uncertainties and substantial capital injections into emerging technologies, particularly electric vehicles. Notably, other industry giants like General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor Company have also resorted to trimming their salaried workforce in recent times.

Stellantis North America HQ and Technical Center. (MoparInsiders).

However, Stellantis declined to specify the targeted reduction in workforce or the associated financial implications. The company refrained from commenting on the possibility of involuntary layoffs should the voluntary buyouts not meet the intended objectives.

Earlier this year, in April, Stellantis extended similar voluntary buyouts to a substantial number of U.S. employees, including both hourly and salaried personnel, as part of its strategic realignment efforts.

This recent round of buyouts arrives on the heels of a tentative agreement struck between Stellantis and the United Auto Workers (UAW), covering the unionized workforce comprising 43,000 employees. The agreement, yet to be ratified by union members, encompasses provisions for voluntary buyouts alongside significant labor-related adjustments, including wage increases, investment commitments, and additional benefits.

While the UAW-negotiated deal includes notable wage increments and financial enhancements, the Stellantis spokesperson clarified that the salaried buyout offers are not directly linked to the anticipated rise in labor costs resulting from the agreement.

Source: CNBC

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Well these 6400 can thank the UAW for the big raises they got the guys on the floor. Money has to come from somewhere. You know it’s not coming from the top!

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Well these 6400 can thank the UAW for the big raises they got the guys on the floor. Money has to come from somewhere. You know it’s not coming from the top!

there isn't enough money at the top as there are too few individuals even if they have extremely high compensation.

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You don’t just layoff HALF of your corporate workforce. This is scary and looks like the Europeans are wiping out the Chrysler (US) side of the company. So sad

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