Stellantis Introduces The Electrified Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle:

Stellantis Extends Its eMobility Quadricycle To The Opel Brand...

You might remember earlier this year, we talked about an electrified vehicle from the Peugeot S.A. (PSA) side of the Stellantis portfolio called the Citroën Ami. For those who aren’t familiar with the vehicle, the Citroën Ami is an electric-powered two-passenger quadricycle built for business city centers. Citroën designed the vehicle to address urban mobility, environmental concerns, and fuel consumption. But now, it seems another Stellantis brand has embraced the Ami.

Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle. (Opel).

Opel announced earlier this week, that it will launch its own version of the Ami called the Rocks-e. The Rocks-e has an entry-level price of only €7,990 (or about $9,270 USD) and includes all RRP including VAT in Germany, making the Rocks-e a battery-electric that almost any driver can afford. The Rocks-e can also be driven by young people from the age of 15 years of age (who hold an AM driver’s license) due to the fact it is not classified as an automobile but a quadricycle.

Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle. (Opel).

“With the opening of the order books for our new Opel Rocks-e we make the transition to electric mobility simple and affordable for everyone, from urban commuters to novice drivers”, says the Head of Opel Germany, Andreas Marx. “No superfluous extras, the Rocks-e is pure emissions-free mobility. With bold and pure design, extremely compact dimensions, and an appearance that is both functional and unconventional.”

Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle. (Opel).

Inside, the Rocky-e features a minimalist interior. The driver and passenger seats feature very little cushioning over their plastic shells. The driver seat features manual adjustment for forwarding and backward movement, however, the passenger seat is fixed. The side windows fold out halfway just like the iconic Citroën 2CVs of the past. There are even small review exterior-mounted mirrors, that would make an early 1960s car proud.

Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle. (Opel).

The very basic instrument panel (I/P) features colored storage bins built on top, a cellphone holder, and only three buttons located next to the steering wheel. Those buttons control the hazards, the defroster, and a fan. Located behind the steering wheel is a very tiny digital display that shows you the basic functions of the vehicle.

Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle. (Opel).

Even though the Rocks-e only weighs 485 kg (or about 1,069 lbs) with its 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, housed flat under the floor, don’t expect lightning performance like most electric vehicles on the market. The Rocks-e only has a 6.5 kW electric motor that operates at 48-volts driving its front wheels, which lets the Rocks-e can travel up to a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). 

Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle. (Opel).

The Rocks-e has a range of 70 kilometers (or about 43.5 miles) on a charge. Speaking of charging, there is an onboard electric cable located on the passenger side of the vehicle that can charge the vehicle to 100% in about 3 hours using a conventional 220-volt outlet.

Unlike the Ami, the Rocks-e gets two additional models to choose from.

Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle. (Opel).

The Opel Rocks-e Klub and Opel Rocks-e TeKno which are priced at €8,790 (or about $10,200 USD) are even more distinctive. The wheels of both variants carry “x-Style” caps and also feature vertical black stripes on the doors. Additional eye-catchers are the grey bodywork of the Rocks-e Klub and the yellow front and rear skid plates of the Rocks-e TeKno. The individual color schemes continue in the interior, with correspondingly colored storage nets and hooks for shopping bags, as well as grey or yellow inserts around the instruments and center console. Even the seams of the floor mats display the same characteristic color.

Opel Rocks-e Quadricycle. (Opel).

With a smartphone-holder on the center console and DAT connectivity, the Rocks-e Klub and Rocks-e TeKno are prepared to provide infotainment. Hands-free Bluetooth functionality for the smartphone can also be optionally available.

The new Opel Rocks-e is available to order online in Germany from the comfort of home. Selected Opel dealers will offer consultation, test drives, and support for the online ordering process. Deliveries of the first vehicles to dealerships will begin before the end of this year.

What is your opinion of Stellantis offering other eMobility solutions? Let us know in the comments below or in the MoparInsiders.com forums.

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