Stellantis Creates New Business To Collect & Sell Customer Data

Don't Worry, You Can Opt Out Of The Program...

Stellantis has announced the establishment of Mobilisights, an independent business unit fully dedicated to growing the company’s data as a service (DaaS) business and developing and licensing innovative B2B products, applications, and services. Mobilisights is one part of the automaker’s extended effort to generate an additional €20 billion ($21.06 billion) in annual income from its software-related services before 2030.

Chrysler Airflow Concept BEV. (Chrysler).

The automaker looks to leverage data from its new generation of connected vehicles to license production, and develop applications and services for its customer base. It also could mean selling the data to other identities, including other automakers.

“The vision for Mobilisights is to contribute to a smarter world, leveraging the insights that vehicle data provide to inspire innovative applications and services that can transform and dramatically improve the day-to-day lives of users and businesses,” said Sanjiv Ghate, Mobilisights CEO. “Harnessed effectively, sensor and other data available from connected vehicles can enable a wide range of services and applications with compelling benefits, ranging from personalized usage-based insurance to road hazard detection and traffic management. With its 14 iconic brands and millions of connected vehicles, Stellantis has unmatched global data scale capable of powering this business forward.”  

Chrysler Airflow Concept BEV. (Chrysler).

Stellantis says that it plans to fully leverage data from 34 million connected vehicles by 2030. This means Mobilisights would have exclusive access and rights to license vehicles and related data from all Stellantis brands to external customers.

Stellantis says Mobilisights and its partners will operate within a very strict data governance and privacy policy. This includes using anonymized and aggregated data, and only sharing the personal data of customers with their consent and only for the specific services of their choosing. 

The good news is for those who don’t want their data would there, customers can opt-out of their information being collected, used, or shared, even after they have given their consent.

Chrysler Airflow Concept BEV. (Chrysler).

“The foundation of this whole business is trust,” said Ghate. “Trust in our custodianship of data and trust that we are here to create a better world.”

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