Say What? New Dodge Viper Sales Up 100% In 2023?

Dodge Sold Two "New" Dodge Vipers In 2023...

For Mopar fans, the Dodge Viper has always held a special place. Over its 25-year production run, the V10-powered powerhouse left an indelible mark on both the street and the track. With around 31,500 units produced between the Mack Avenue Assembly (1992–1994) and Conner Avenue Assembly Plant (1995–2017), the Viper became an iconic American supercar.

Dodge Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR-E. 

However, even after the official production end in August 2017, the Viper refused to fade away quietly. Surprisingly, when Stellantis released its full-year results for 2023, it came to light that two “new” Dodge Vipers had finally found homes, bringing an unexpected twist to the Viper’s tale.

Dodge Viper GTC TA 2.0 in Heritage Blue.

These two units, which had been patiently waiting in dealer inventories for at least six years, found buyers in 2023. The revelation is quite remarkable, considering the typical lifecycle of vehicles in today’s dynamic market. To put it in perspective, some cars go through an entire evolution in the time these Vipers patiently awaited to fine homes.

Dodge Viper GTC TA 2.0. 

The sales figures showed a 100% growth for the Viper, with two units finding new owners in 2023 compared to the lone sale in 2022.

Dodge Viper GTC ACR-E Snakeskin Edition. 

The Dodge Viper, in its final production year, boasted an all-aluminum V10 engine churning out an impressive 645 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft. of torque. What made the Viper truly special was its commitment to the manual transmission, with every unit rolling off the production line equipped with a 6-speed manual – a feature becoming increasingly rare in the era of automatics and the ongoing shift towards electric vehicles (EVs).

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