Mike Musto Creates First Dodge Hornet Widebody For SEMA

Real Metal Fenders, Rear-Mounted Exhaust, and A Wild Yellow Paint Scheme...

Renowned automotive enthusiast and creator, Mike Musto (@mike_musto), is once again bringing a custom Dodge to SEMA 2023, but this time with the all-new Dodge Hornet GT. You might remember the custom 2023 Dodge Durango SRT HELLCAT Musto brought to last year’s show, but this year he is showing just how fun the new compact Hornet crossover can be to modify.

Custom 2024 Dodge Hornet GT. (Mike Musto).

Inspired by the turbocharged GLH (Goes Like Hell) compacts of the past, Musto’s custom Hornet showcases unrivaled vision and the collaborative efforts of a select group of automotive experts.

Musto’s journey with the Hornet began in Southern California, where he partnered with Unique Fabrications in Santa Ana, a shop known for its exceptional craftsmanship. Together with designer Neil Tjin (@TjinEdition) and conceptual designer Abimelec Arellano (@AbimelecDesign), they embarked on a mission to transform the Hornet into a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Custom 2024 Dodge Hornet GT. (Mike Musto).

Over the course of five intense weeks, this dream team brought Musto’s vision to life. The result is a wide-body masterpiece featuring full metal flares, suspension modifications, and a one-of-a-kind center exit exhaust system. The combination of these enhancements, coupled with performance upgrades from Direct Connection, ensures that the Hornet not only looks astonishing but also rips through the asphalt with unmatched power.

Musto’s custom Hornet GLHS showcases the potential performance enhancements offered by Direct Connection upgrades. There is a Direct Connection/Borla dual exhaust with a less restrictive, dual exit system, resulting in a powerful performance note. The exhaust has been modified to run out the back of the vehicle, similar to that on the 2006 to 2010 Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT8. There is also a lowering kit that drops the Hornet more than an inch, providing a lower center of gravity and enhancing cornering dynamics.

Custom 2024 Dodge Hornet GT. (Mike Musto).

Thanks to a collaborative effort with Hemmings and Dodge, Musto documented the entire process of crafting the world’s first Dodge Hornet GLHS Widebody in a captivating 9-part video series on YouTube. From the Hornet’s delivery to the meticulous modifications, viewers can witness every step of its transformation.

For those attending SEMA 2023, the custom Hornet will be proudly displayed at the Hoonigan booth.

Mike Musto’s Custom 2024 Dodge Hornet GT Image Gallery:

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The body colour wide flares help. Now if only we could get rid of the Alfa rear side window.

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