Ram’s Midsize Offering For The Middle East – Ram 1200:

It's Not A Dakota, It's Not Even Really A FCA Vehicle...

Yesterday we showed you the Mexico-only 2018 Ram ProMaster Rapid, and explained how it is part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) steps into expanding the Ram brand globally with unique vehicles to a specific market. Today, we are going to talk about another one, the 2018 Ram 1200 pickup.

The Ram 1200 was launched in 2017 in both Single and Double Cab configurations, with three trim levels and a variety of gasoline and diesel engines.

Ram 1200 Single Cab ST 4×4. (Ram Middle-East).

All versions of the Ram 1200 have a maximum height of 1,775 mm (68.9-inches), are up to 1,785 mm (70.2-inches) wide and have a wheelbase of 3,000 mm (118.1-inches).

The length varies depending on the configuration: 5,245 mm or 206.5-inch (Single Cab) and 5,370 mm or 211.4-inch (Double Cab). The length of the cargo compartment also varies according to the configuration: 2,265 mm or 7 1/2-foot (Single Cab) and 1,520 mm or 5-foot (Double Cab). The payload capacity of the Ram 1200 is up to 1,165 kg or 2568 lbs, and it can tow up to 3 metric tons or 6,614 lbs.

Ram 1200 Double Cab ST 4×4. (Ram Middle-East).

In the Middle East, the Ram 1200 will be available with two engine options: a 2.5-liter diesel with a power output of 94 kW (126 hp) to 100 kW (134 hp) or a 2.4-liter petrol engine that delivers 97 kW (130 hp). A manual gearbox is the standard configuration for both the diesel and gasoline engines. An optional automatic transmission will be available.

The Ram 1200 will offer a 4×2 version (rear-wheel drive) as well as a 4×4 version (all-wheel drive). The latter will be the one most appreciated by those who, for work reasons, need to reach areas that are off the beaten track or drive on tough off-road trails. All 4×4 versions are equipped with a manual or, on automatic versions, an electronic selector that makes it possible to engage the all-wheel drive in part-time mode.

Ram 1200 Double Cab ST 4×4. (Ram Middle-East).

The 4WD Electronic Selector has three driving positions: “2H” (optimal roads) with rear-wheel drive; “4H,” selectable for speeds up to 100 km/hr, distributing traction to all four drive wheels for safer driving on sandy or unpaved tracks; and “4L,” which provides low-range gearing for extreme off-road conditions.

The Ram 1200 is assembled in Larm Chabang, Thailand by Mitsubishi Thailand. It is virtually identical to Mitsubishi’s own L200 pickup or as it is as known in Australia and Israel as the Triton. Mitsubishi also manufactures another clone called the Fiat Fullback which is sold through Fiat Commercial to Europe and certain parts of the Middle East.

Ram 5-Year Presentation. (Ram).

In late 2017, Mitsubishi joined the Renault–Nissan Alliance. While FCA and Mitsubishi’s partnership is up in the air, FCA has announced that they would move Ram Heavy Duty production from their Saltillo, Mexico plant to Warren, Michigan. This would allow the plant to build FCA designed and built Ram and Fiat global metric pickups that would replace the Ram 1200 and Fiat Fullback in 2021.


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