Ram ProMaster EV Selected For Battery Workforce Challenge

New ProMaster EV Will Be The Focal Point Of North American Collegiate Competition...

In a significant stride toward advancing electric vehicle (EV) technology, the Battery Workforce Challenge, a partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Stellantis, and Argonne National Laboratory, has announced the new 2024 Ram ProMaster EV as the designated vehicle for their North American collegiate engineering competition.

2024 Ram ProMaster EV Cargo Van. (Ram).

Recently introduced, the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV is purposefully crafted for electrification, boasting a unibody design that seamlessly incorporates the production battery pack. Tailored for commercial tasks, this electric work van offers an exciting platform for university teams to innovate, design, and integrate advanced EV battery systems.

DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary for Sustainable Transportation and Fuels, Michael Berube, emphasized the importance of using the Ram ProMaster EV in the competition, stating, “Using this new Ram ProMaster EV during the competition is a critical way for the EV workforce of the future to further advance EV transportation technologies, and it contributes to DOE’s efforts to improve the sustainable energy economy.”

2024 Ram ProMaster EV Delivery Van. (Ram).

Stellantis Senior Vice President and Head of Global Propulsion Systems, Micky Bly, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The new Ram ProMaster EV is designed specifically for electrification and provides the students with a great proving ground to push the boundaries of technology. We look forward to seeing the students’ creative solutions for incorporating a Stellantis battery pack into the vehicle and how their work will help shape the future of mobility.”

Argonne National Laboratory, managing the Battery Workforce Challenge, underlined its commitment to advancing battery and transportation research. Claus Daniel, Associate Laboratory Director for Advanced Energy Technologies at Argonne, stated, “Accelerating science and developing the next-generation workforce help Argonne drive U.S. prosperity and security.”

2024 Ram ProMaster EV Cargo Van. (Ram).

The competition, which commenced in 2023, involves 12 university teams from North America, each partnered with a local community college. These teams, selected through a competitive process, will gain hands-on experience and collaborate closely with industry experts to address real-world engineering challenges in the automotive sector.

The competition is slated to conclude in 2026, with winning teams receiving numerous engineering and sponsor-related awards, $100,000 in industry-provided prize money, and invaluable real-world experience working alongside industry leaders.

2024 Ram ProMaster EV Cargo Van. (Ram).

Sponsors for the Battery Workforce Challenge, including Our Next Energy, AVL, Dana Corporation, MathWorks, Analog Devices, Inc., and Gamma Technologies, further underscore the industry-wide support for this groundbreaking initiative.

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Even though the Promaster EV is now in production, I haven't seen any specific specifications for the powertrain. I am wondering how much of it, such as the batteries and motors, are unique to the North American ProMaster when compared to its European cousins. What prompts me to wonder is that the article mentions the Dana Corporation as one of the sponsors. In a past Work Truck Show, Dana showcased a Ram ProMaster they converted into an EV using their products. I wonder how much of that technology did Ram adopt, although the supplier-automaker relationship is often confidential.

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