Ram Grabs Second In The Full Sized Truck Sales Race:

Ram Sales Up 15% Compared To Q1 2018...

Ram pickups had a record-setting March selling 45,187 units, up 9% compared to March of 2018. Ram ProMaster was up 101% compared to March of last year moving 4,928 units compared to 2,451 just a year ago. ProMaster City was up 52% with 1,707 of the small utility vans sold vs 1,120 last year. As a whole, the Ram Brand was up 15% compared to last March. 

Through the first quarter of this year, Ford holds the commanding lead with 214,611 F-Series sold, and Ram is up 15% over the same period last year moving 120,026 Ram trucks. Chevrolet has sold 114,313 Silverados down 15.7% in the same time frame. The GMC Sierra is down 2.2% compared to last years first quarter with 40,546 trucks sold, Toyotas Tundra is down 4.6% with 25,100 units sold and the Nissan Titan is becoming even more of a bit player down 23.9% with 9,683 pickups sold through the first quarter.

Ram is outpacing the industry average and gaining market share with the largest percentage change out of all the full sized trucks. Ford was the only other brand that moved more trucks in the same period compared to last year. Chevrolet and Nissan took the largest hits. 

This has been our first opportunity this year to compare sales of the Ram to the F150 and Silverado/Sierra as Ford and GM  report sales quarterly.

Brand Sales 2019 2018 % Change
Ford F-Series 214611 214191 0.20%
Ram Pickups 120026 103964 15.00%
Chevrolet Silverado 114313 135545 -15.70%
GMC Sierra 40546 41468 -2.20%
Toyota Tundra 25100 26318 -4.60%
Nissan Titan 9683 12724 -23.90%
Pickup sales war
Full sized pickup sales Q1 2019 (Moparinsiders)

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