QUICK LOOK: 2024 Ram 1500 Limited Night Edition

It Looks Like The Legendary HEMI® Is Headed Out To The Pasture...

The 5.7-liter (345 cubic-inch) HEMI® V8 has been the beating heart of Ram 1500 pickups for over two decades. Its journey began in 2003, faithfully serving three generations of Ram trucks. As the sun sets on this era, the 5.7-liter HEMI takes its final bow, leaving behind a legacy of performance and dependability.

2024 Ram 1500 Limited Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4.

Marking what looks like to be its final year, the HEMI is only available with the eTorque mild-hybrid system. This electrifying technology pairs a belt-driven motor generator unit with a 48-volt battery pack, providing a unique blend of power and efficiency. The eTorque system redefines the capabilities of the 5.7-liter, offering 395 horsepower and an impressive 410 lb.-ft. of torque.

One of the standout features of the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 with eTorque is its fuel efficiency. Variable-valve timing (VVT) and the hybrid system work harmoniously to deliver impressive MPG figures, ensuring that the Ram 1500 remains powerful and eco-conscious. But it’s not just about saving fuel; eTorque also adds up to 130 lb.-ft. of torque to the equation, delivering enhanced performance where and when it’s needed.

2024 Ram 1500 Limited Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4.

The eTorque mild hybrid system replaces the traditional alternator with a motor generator unit. This unit serves several crucial functions, including enabling a smooth start/stop feature, providing short-duration torque boosts in specific driving scenarios, and regenerating brake energy to improve overall responsiveness and efficiency. With eTorque, every moment on the road becomes an opportunity to enhance performance and conserve energy.

Under the hood, eTorque’s motor generator unit constantly feeds 48-volt current to a compact yet powerful 430-watt-hour lithium-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC)-Graphite battery. This air-cooled battery pack, about the size of a small suitcase, is discreetly mounted on the rear wall inside the Ram 1500’s cabin. It powers the start/stop function and captures energy during deceleration and braking, ensuring that the Ram 1500 remains at the forefront of sustainable driving.

2024 Ram 1500 Limited Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4.

While the Ram 1500 continues to embrace cutting-edge technology, it doesn’t compromise on luxury. The 2024 Ram 1500 Limited Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4 is a testament to this commitment. With its premium features and striking black accents, including the grille, badging, tow hooks, exhaust, LED headlamps, and more, it stands out as one of the most luxurious trucks on the market. The package also includes 22-inch black wheels, a tonneau cover, and a sport performance hood, making a bold statement on the road.

The Ram 1500 has long been known for its exceptional ride quality thanks to its link-coil suspension. For those seeking an even more tailored experience, the truck offers an exclusive four-corner air suspension system with five different ride heights, accommodating various driving situations.

2024 Ram 1500 Limited Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4.

Inside the 2024 Ram 1500, advanced technology takes center stage. The 12-inch frameless digital gauge cluster offers nearly two dozen menus, allowing drivers to access essential information easily. Everything can be customized and saved to a user profile, from analog to digital instrumentation.

The Uconnect 5 system, featuring a 12-inch touchscreen, offers split-screen capability, 360-degree camera views, and content from SiriusXM with 360L and Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora. Additionally, the Ram 1500 lineup includes the Know & Go mobile app, offering an immersive experience for vehicle enthusiasts.

2024 Ram 1500 Limited Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4.

Ram Trucks prioritizes safety and security with features such as adaptive cruise control, Forward Collision Warning, Blind-spot Monitoring, and Ready Alert Braking. Furthermore, class-leading ride and handling are achieved through a segment-exclusive link-coil rear suspension system and an optional active-level four-corner air suspension.

The 2024 Ram 1500 represents the evolution of a legend. The 5.7-liter HEMI and eTorque mild-hybrid system combines the best of the past with the promise of a sustainable future, setting new standards for power, efficiency, and luxury in the pickup truck market. As the iconic HEMI engine takes its final bow, the Ram 1500 steps confidently into the next era of twin-turbocharged I-6 engines.

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