Primal RC Launches 1/5th Scale Dodge Challenger Widebody RC

This Thing Even Has A Line-Lock Feature...

Primal RC stands out as a prominent creator of awe-inspiring, large-scale RC vehicles worldwide. Renowned for their spectacular 1/5th scale Raminator monster trucks, this New York-based company has once again taken the RC world by storm with their latest innovation: a 1/5th scale Dodge Challenger Widebody RC car.

Primal RC 1/5th Scale Dodge Challenger RC and Raminator Monster Truck. (Primal RC).

Setting itself apart, Primal RC has secured an official licensing from Dodge, making this creation much more than a mere HELLCAT-inspired RC body. Going the extra mile, they offer an array of customization options for Dodge aficionados eager to personalize their Challenger experience. With a choice of 5 vibrant colors, 4 distinct hood styles, and 2 sets of decals, customers can craft a Challenger RC that resonates with their preferences. Moreover, Primal RC grants the freedom to select between gas-powered, electric-powered, or a blank canvas option for those wanting to integrate their preferred power source.

The Primal RC Challenger authentically captures the essence of the real Dodge Challenger, meticulously designed to be a genuine 1/5 scale replica. Adorned with an officially-sanctioned Dodge Widebody Challenger body, it proudly boasts a rear-wheel drive configuration, true-to-scale “Devil’s Rim” wheels furnished with belted tires, and a lighting system that mirrors reality.

Primal RC 1/5th Scale Dodge Challenger RC. (Primal RC).

Innovative engineering shines through the thoughtfully crafted design, featuring a hassle-free clipless body and LED light connectors that streamline the process of removal and replacement. The drag racing-inspired flat bottom chassis, entirely constructed from carbon fiber and accentuated with CNC aluminum bracing and front suspension, ensures both performance and durability. Notably, the LED lights can be conveniently managed directly from the transmitter.

However, the Primal RC Challenger isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s engineered to exude the exhilarating performance synonymous with the Dodge Challenger lineage. To encapsulate that spirit, the vehicle is replete with impressive functionalities, including an engaging Line Lock feature.

Primal RC 1/5th Scale Dodge Challenger RC. (Primal RC).

Key Features:

  • Authentic 1/5th scale Dodge Challenger body
  • Choice of 32cc Zenoah Engine, 35cc Taylor RC, Electric power, or personalized power setup
  • Exceptionally sturdy framework: 97% CNC aluminum with a two-part carbon fiber chassis
  • Transmitter-controlled LED lights enhance realism
  • Quick-mount body design without clips, complemented by wireless light connection
  • Adjustable wheelbase for versatile tuning
  • Remote-activated line lock for dynamic burnouts
  • Ready-to-Run (RTR) package includes FlySky GT-5 computer radio with remote engine kill switch
Primal RC 1/5th Scale Dodge Challenger RC. (Primal RC).

Currently available for pre-order, the Primal RC Challenger comes with an enticing $200 discount, bringing its price to $1,899 USD. While it may not be positioned as a budget option, it undeniably emerges as the epitome of a fully-loaded Challenger RC experience. Our firsthand encounter with this marvel at Roadkill Nights confirmed that it lives up to its hype.

To pre-order this amazing RC, head over to the PrimalRC website. The car is estimated for a March 2024 delivery date.

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The Primal Raminator is awesome. This car doesn't impress me much. The suspension is a joke. It looks like something from a Walmart toy rc car. The videos of this car running show the front bouncing over smooth pavement like it has springs and no shock. No way that's acceptable for this price. Get an Arrma Felony and put a Challenger body on it. It'll be a little smaller but it'll actually handle and go blazing fast.

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