Peugeot Teases Its New Upcoming 408 PHEV Crossover!

Will Be Unveiled Later This Month...

With the successful launch of its all-new 308 Hatchback and Station Wagon, the Peugeot brand has released a teaser image of its next all-new vehicle: the 408.

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The Peugeot 408 will be a brand new model for the “Lion” brand. According to the French brand, it will blend the characteristics of an SUV with a dynamic fastback silhouette. Both in terms of design and engineering, the desire to offer new experiences was at the heart of the development of the new 408 says, Peugeot.

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Sources have indicated that the 408 will be based on the Stellantis eMP2 platform. That architecture is currently used by another crossover “coupe-like” vehicle, the new Citroën C4

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Expect the new 408 to offer a full plug-in hybrid (PHEV) electrified lineup, with a battery-electric (BEV) model to follow suit.

Peugeot will officially unveil the 408 later this month.


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It is interesting to see all the Stellantis product there is out there and how they can be integrated into other brands. My thoughts did travel to the Pacifica and it’s long term future in this new world reading this article. I also see so many donor possibilities for a compact Dodge electric or hybrid performance sports car or coupe positioned below the Challenger. Certainly there can be something in development that fits this obvious niche for Dodge.....and then there is Chrysler. Traveling thoughts at work today for old Mopar Willy.

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