Mopar Completely Revamps Mopar.com Website:

Redesigned Website Gives Owners Mopar Access Than Ever...

The Mopar brand has announced this morning, that it has launched a completely redesigned its Mopar.com website. In the past, the site has been confusing for those seeking to find the right Mopar part or accessory. Now, it seems that Mopar has listened to its customers and are also adding more features to the site, to allow a more owner-focused experience for customers. 

Redesigned Mopar.com Owner Experience. (Mopar).

This means that the Mopar.com website will now feature not only basic vehicle information and locating Mopar parts and accessories, but will offer features to schedule services, get answers about your Mopar vehicle, how-to videos,  and much more with just a click for those of us, located in the United States. The redesigned website also can assist customers with a new “online concierge” service, making sure that the customer’s needs are met even faster than ever.

Redesigned Mopar.com Owner Experience. (MoparInsiders).

“Mopar’s mission is to provide a helpful and fulfilling ownership experience for all FCA US vehicle owners. With this website redesign, we are placing important information and resources front-and-center for our customers,” said Kim Schachinger-Nowak, Director of Marketing, Mopar. “Throughout our eight-plus decades, the Mopar brand has always delivered innovative channels to care for our owners. This reimagined website is just the latest marker on our brand’s mission to connect on every step of the customer journey and deliver the best experience possible.”

Register members of Mopar.com will have access to following Owner Site features…

  • Vehicle Health Reports
  • Online Owner’s Manuals
  • Remote Command Options
  • Dealership Service Scheduling
  • Uconnect Features
  • Warrant & Recall Information
  • How-To-Videos
  • Mopar Parts & Accessories For Their Specific Mopar Vehicle
  • Mopar Product & Service Offers
Redesigned Mopar.com Owner Experience. (Mopar).

The redesigned website has been optimized for mobile devices. Now getting access to information is available anytime or anywhere from your mobile devices. An on-the-go experience, with tile and icon design, delivers easy scroll-through on smartphones and tablets.

The Mopar brand is hoping this new website will offer an even better experience for owners, throughout the life of their vehicles. The Mopar brand’s global reach distributes more than 500,000 parts and accessories in over 150 markets around the world. With more than 50 parts distribution centers and 25 customer contact centers globally.


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