Maserati Dedicates New MC20 Prototype To Sir Stirling Moss:

Trident Brand Pays Homage To British Motor Legend...

The Maserati brand is paying homage to motor racing legend, Sir Sterling Moss, on its most recent Maserati MC20 prototype. Moss, who passed away last month at the age of 90, was a fixture for the brand’s motorsports past. The Maserati brand finds it to be a fitting tribute to feature his name prominent on their latest supercar.

Maserati MC20 Prototype along with the 250F and Eldorado race cars. (Maserati).

Releasing the photos shown here on May 13th, have significant meaning to Maserati. Moss, piloted his Maserati 250F to victory at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix on May 13th, 1956. He led the race from the first to the last of the 100 laps around the winding, demanding Monaco circuit. Maserati’s day of triumph was completed by taking third place as well, also in a 250F, by French driver Jean Behra.

Maserati MC20 Prototype along with the 250F and Eldorado race cars. (Maserati).

Moss, recorded 16 wins in 66 starts in his Formula 1 Grand Prix career, making him one of the most successful drivers never to have won the world title. Sir Stirling came within a whisker of the crown on more than one occasion, finishing in second place on four occasions, and third in three championships. For this reason, he was known as the “king without a crown”.

In the 1956 season and some 1957 races, Moss drove a Maserati 250F (“his favorite”, as he often recalled), beaten only by Juan Manuel Fangio. Moreover, Moss’s Argentinian rival took his 1957 title at the wheel of another 250F, confirming the reliability and superiority of the Modena-built car.

Maserati MC20 Prototype along with the 250F and Eldorado race cars. (Maserati).

This all-new mid-engined Maserati MC20 prototype will feature Stirling Moss’s “signature”, adorned across the various parts of the car with its camouflage wrap. These most recent photographers, give us our best look at the car yet. The MC20 will feature an all-new engine that was developed and produced by completely by Maserati. Our sources are stating that this engine could have up to 625 horsepower and will feature Twin Spark technology. We can tell you that this car will not be the only one to use the 625 horsepower V6 engine. The car is also rumored to be offering an electrified model as well. 

Maserati MC20 Prototype featuring Stirling Moss wrap. (Maserati).

The series of pictures also show us, what looks like to be a black vinyl top featuring the Maserati “Trident” logo. The vinyl looks as it might be hiding a removable top on this prototype.

We can’t wait to see the finished product, which is scheduled to make its debut in September.

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