UPDATED: Meet The Jeep® Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept!

This Time Its More Powerful & More Well-Rounded...

A year ago, the Jeep Wrangler Magneto Concept demonstrated that a battery-electric propulsion system would be true to the Wrangler’s heritage of on-road and off-road capability. A vehicle that demonstrates the Jeep brand’s dedication to Zero Emissions Freedom.

Jeep® Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept. (Jeep).

The Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 is amped up – literally – creating a terrain-dominating off-roader that carries you far, far off the beaten path.
The Magneto 2.0’s powertrain basics include:

Jeep® Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept. (Jeep).
  • Custom-built axial flux electric motor that operates up to 5,250 rpm
  • 6-speed manual transmission for ultimate control over the propulsion system
  • Four lithium-ion battery packs, distributed throughout the chassis for weight balance, with a combined power of 70 kW/h, running an 800-volt system
  • An inverter derived from race cars converts DC power to AC for the high-tech motor

That’s a great start, but the Magneto 2.0 team set their sights on the “strap in and hold on with both hands” end of the performance spectrum.

Jeep® Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept

Peak amperage in the propulsion system is more than doubled to 600 amps, which enables the Magneto 2.0 to instantly deliver up to 850 lb.-ft. of peak torque to the wheels – more than triple the torque output of last year’s concept – and 625 horsepower for serious rock-climbing challenges.
A new electric powertrain calibration maintains the peak amperage for up to 10 seconds – think of it as electronic nitrous oxide – which lets the Magneto 2.0 bolt from 0-60 mph in 2 seconds.

Jeep® Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept. (Jeep).

The first gear ratio in the manual transmission has been changed from 5.13 to 3.36. When combined with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon’s Rock-Trac transfer case, the Magneto 2.0 demonstrates unequaled rock-crawling capability with its instant on-demand torque delivery. A driver-selectable maximum regeneration function added to the propulsion system offers a true “one-pedal” driving experience. 
Getting all that torque to the ground calls for some hardware upgrades.

Jeep® Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept

It starts with 12 inches added to the wheelbase of the two-door Wrangler body style, creating some extra room for powertrain components and giving the Magneto 2.0 proportions similar to the “LJ” Wrangler Unlimited from 2004 to 2006. Augmenting that stretch is a custom 3-inch lift kit and 40-inch off-road tires mounted on 20-inch wheels.

The stout, off-road specific chassis setup includes a Dynatrac 60 Pro-Rock front axle and a massive Pro-Rock Dynatrac 80 rear axle with a 5.38 ratio and lockers for both axles, custom driveshaft, and an off-road suspension.

Jeep® Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept. (Jeep).

Custom, lightweight bumpers replace the factory units, front and rear. Carbon-fiber wheel flares, both front and rear cover the wide tires without adding much weight. These elements enhance Magneto 2.0’s approach and departure angles on the trail.

Surf Blue paint, a custom carbon-fiber B-pillar, a custom bikini top, and a carbon-fiber hood give Magneto 2.0 a powerful look. The custom hood includes a blue-tinted, transparent window that gives a view of the power unit underneath.

Jeep® Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept. (Jeep).

So what do you think of the more powerful Magneto 2.0? Leave your comments below or in the MoparInsiders.com forums.

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