Jeep® Brazil Markets Its New Compass Inside A GTA V RP Server:

Drive The New Compass In Brazil's Largest RP Gaming Server...

The Jeep® brand has done some clever things to market its product line over the years. A good example of this is the “Groundhog Day” commercial featuring legendary comic actor Bill Murray. But with the launch of the updated 2022 Jeep Compass in the Brazilian market, Jeep Brazil is looking to catch the eyes of a much younger demographic with its latest commercial campaign.

2022 Jeep® Compass inside the “Cidade Alta” RP Server. (Jeep Brazil).

While Millenials flock to online roleplaying (RP) games, such as modified versions of the open-world action of  Grand Theft Auto V, where they can pursue different characters with personas that they have created, the Jeep brand is following suit. Teaming up you the largest Brazilian virtual server for RP called “Cidade Alta”, the Jeep brand has entered into the modified streets of San Andreas. 

2022 Jeep® Compass inside the “Cidade Alta” RP Server. (Jeep Brazil).

“As a true companion for any type of adventure, a Jeep is able to travel through unimaginable places and explore different types of territories. Why not in the virtual world of a game? We know that this is a universe that is gaining more and more fans, just like our brand. Regardless of whether it’s on a trail or in cities, in the virtual or real world, Jeep will always take its spirit, based on adventure, freedom, authenticity, and passion, wherever it goes”, says Malu Antonio, Marketing and Communication Manager at Stellantis for the South American region.

Cidade Alta is the newest territory conquered by the Jeepers. The server has more than 2,000 members who, following the rules and laws of the game, can assume the role of the characters they want, in addition to experiencing different social experiences under the RP rules determined by the creators of the server. In this environment, Jeep created a dealership like in real life, with salespeople, cars on display and all the brand’s visual identity. Gamers can still test-drive the recently launched 2022 Jeep Compass or even secure a new look at Jeep Gear, on the brand’s official product store.

2022 Jeep® Compass inside the “Cidade Alta” RP Server. (Jeep Brazil).

The commercial action was created by Brazilian marketing company F.biz with the objective of being an extension of the launch of the new Compass, the most technological SUV manufactured in Brazil. The project also had the support of Druid and Outplay, a company specialized in gamers’ asset management, to put the action on its feet.

2022 Jeep® Compass inside the “Cidade Alta” RP Server. (Jeep Brazil).

To further engage the action, Jeep brings a 100% commercial shot in-game, something totally unheard of in the industry. The brand is the first in the automotive sector to activate the game. In addition, pieces of the new Compass campaign were also produced within Cidade Alta.

“This creation also brings something unprecedented for the automotive industry. In addition to activating the live broadcast bringing together influencers, customers, and players, we filmed the first car commercial inside a game” comments Icaro de Abreu, Vice President of Creative at Fbiz.

Even the production of the film to invite customers to be part of the Jeep Game Xperience is similar to a live recording. To capture the images, it was necessary to create an avatar of each professional involved, be it the filmmaker, producer, director, editor, actor, and dealership salesperson.

The commercial is over two minutes long and will be posted on the Jeep Brazil social media accounts. The story takes place during a test drive, in which the driver is accompanied by a salesperson knowing the highlights of the new 2022 Jeep Compass S (also known as the High Altitude in North America). Along the way, characters begin to experience strong emotions, such as being chased by a monster, running away from an intersection with a railway line, and jumping out of a moving plane.

2022 Jeep® Compass inside the “Cidade Alta” RP Server. (Jeep Brazil).

The Jeep brand has even opened up a dealer and recorded an advertising film, using footage directly from the Cidade Alta server. But that is only the beginning. Starting last night, Jeep hosted its first Jeep Game Xperience. The online event was hosted by game presenter Nyvi Estephan, who was voted the greatest eSports presenter in Latin America and third-best in the world, with a live broadcast.

2022 Jeep® Compass inside the “Cidade Alta” RP Server. (Jeep Brazil).

Jeep Experience is known for bringing customers the authentic experience and experience of the brand. The event has already gone through several places in Brazil and now arrives in the online gamer world of Cidade Alta. Virtual experimentation has all the characteristics of in-person, with the right to test drive, track, and even a tattoo studio for participants to mark their skin during the game.

2022 Jeep® Compass inside the “Cidade Alta” RP Server. (Jeep Brazil).

Initially, Nyvi Estephan will show you some of the features of the new Compass. Then, when in-game, players will leave the virtual dealership and take a trail, with incredible views and even a break to admire the view from a lookout.

For those who were unable to participate in the event, as the server has limited access, the Livestream will be available across social media and will be available for rebroadcast on the Jeep Brazil YouTube channel (which can be seen above).

According to Jeep Brazil, the new Compass will continue to be present in the Cidade Alta server until the end of July, so that more gamers can experience the new Compass.

2022 Jeep® Compass inside the “Cidade Alta” RP Server. (Jeep Brazil).

What do you think of the Jeep brand marketing themselves in live RP servers? Do you think it will attract a younger audience? Let us know in the comments below, or in the MoparInsiders forums.


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