Former FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne Wins Motor Trend’s Person Of The Year Award:

The Late FCA CEO Takes Home The Award For His Impact On The Industry...

There is no doubt that the late former Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO, Sergio Marchionne set the tone for the greatest of the modern-day Chrysler Group. Saving the company from bankruptcy, merging it with the FIAT to become the 8th largest automaker in the world, and completely revolutionizing the industry with risk taking. Marchionne, pulled a majority of FCA’s passenger cars in 2016, saying the passenger car industry is a dying market (while boosting SUV, crossover and truck production). The industry bashed Marchionne’s decision as risky, yet Ford Motor Company and as of yesterday General Motors has announced cutting most of the passenger car production for North America as well.

Love him or hate him, Marchionne knew how to run a company. The people who worked under him would work long hours and would put the company first and yet respected him greatly.

With Marchionne passing away suddenly in late-July, it put a questions forth as where would the company go from that point on. As the new CEO, FCA veteran Mike Manley steps in pace, Sergio’s legacy for the company he helped form will continue on his direction he passed forward.

Every year, Motor Trend also honors automotive leaders who deserve attention for setting rules or for breaking them, and who contribute to expansion of industry thinking. Former FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has been named as Motor Trend’s 2019 Person of the Year, marking the third time he has been recognized for his leadership, contributions, and passion for the automotive industry and its people.

“Sergio was a special leader who salvaged troubled Chrysler and Fiat, saving thousands of jobs across the globe,” added Loh. “He was a man who did not do something unless he was convinced it would be successful. Sergio Marchionne got the work done and he left an indelible mark on the automotive industry.” said Ed Loh, Motor Trend editor-in-chief.

“On behalf of all FCA employees, we also deeply appreciate Motor Trend’s recognition of Sergio Marchionne as Person of the Year. His legacy in the industry, and his lasting impact on FCA will be remembered forever.” said Mike Manley, CEO, FCA.

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