EVENTS: Reminder Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association (CEMA) Show Tomorrow:

Good Forecast This Weekend For 30th Annual Event, Held At Chrysler HQ...

Last week, we told you about the 30th annual Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association (CEMA) Show, which is being held tomorrow, Saturday, June 8th at the Chrysler Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan. 

29th Annual CEMA Show. (MoparInsiders)

The CEMA organization raises money from the event and donates it to a local non-profit group to benefit the community. For the past couple of years, the money raised has gone to the amazing Leader Dogs For The Blind organization. The program is for the training of dogs to assist the blind in their everyday lives and giving those dogs to owners in need. Money raised at the event is not from spectator fees, but the entry fee of the cars participating. 

The organization recently announced that it will be giving away six “Best In Show” awards this year. Giving away the awards will be members of the FCA Design team including Mark Trostle, Jeff Gale, and Ren Stone. Steve Shugg, former Director of Mopar Sales and Field Operations, Al Motta, former Director of Service Operations for Chrysler, and the CEMA Car Show Committee. 

29th Annual CEMA Show. (MoparInsiders)

While registration is closed for the event and is free for the public to attend. The event starts at 9:00am and lasts till 3:00pm. For more information, you can visit the CEMA Club website. The event will go on rain or shine, but the weather conditions look to be in the mid-70s with no forecast of rain. The MoparInsiders.com team will be in attendance as well. Hope to see you there.

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