Dodge To Expand Electrified Lineup With New 2025 Cricket EV!

Dodge Transitions To An Electrified Brand with the Entry-Level Cricket EV, Based on Quadricycle Platform...

Dodge, is set to make a move towards electrification as it transitions from its HEMI® V8-powered muscle car lineup to an electrified performance brand. The brand plans to capitalize on the entry-level electric vehicle (EV) segment, especially for those living in busy metropolitan areas, by introducing the Dodge Cricket EV.

2025 Dodge Cricket
2025 Dodge Cricket EV.

The new vehicle will weigh around 1,070 lbs. (485 kg) and will come equipped with a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, which will be housed flat under the floor. While it won’t have the lightning performance of other electric vehicles on the market, the Cricket will be a perfect fit for those who prioritize affordability and practicality. The Stellantis electrified quadricycle platform, on which the Cricket is based, has already sold more than 20,000 units in France alone, and the platform has been sold throughout most of Europe.

The Cricket EV will have a 6.5 kW electric motor that operates at 48 volts, driving the front wheels and allowing the vehicle to reach a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). It will be capable of a 0 to 80% charge in just 3 hours on a 220-volt household outlet, giving it a maximum range of 47 miles (75 km).

2025 Dodge Cricket EV.

To save on costs, the Cricket’s body will be completely symmetrical, except for the doors and the roof. The vehicle will have doors with opposite openings, regular for the passenger and antagonistic for the driver, and there will be no other doors, making the storage spaces of the vehicle only accessible from the two side doors. The Cricket will measure a modest 7-foot, 11-inches in length, 4-foot, and 7-inches in width (excluding its mirrors), and a roomy 5-foot in height, making it super easy to park two of these EVs back-to-back in a typical one-car garage.

While Dodge has yet to release an official price, it is expected that the new Cricket will start at around $20,000 USD. Mopar, Dodge’s official parts and service provider, will reportedly throw in a 220-volt 6-foot extension cord for those hard-to-reach wall outlets. The brand is expected to make a big announcement in Q3 2023, with the first examples showing up in dealerships next spring as a 2025 model.

2025 Dodge Cricket
2025 Dodge Cricket EV.

With the introduction of the Cricket EV, Dodge is making a bold move towards electrification, catering to a growing demand for affordable, practical, and environmentally-friendly vehicles. It remains to be seen how well the Cricket will be received by consumers, but with its impressive features, it could become a popular choice for city-dwellers looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

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