Dodge Teases New Charger SRT HELLCAT Front Fascia:

2019 SRT HELLCAT Gets A Minor Face Lift...

Yesterday, we released exclusive photos of the upcoming 2019 Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT on the streets of Auburn Hills, Michigan which were caught by our friends at Real Fast Fotography. Well it seems that Dodge has answered back this morning, in response to the photos hitting the interwebs yesterday. In an official statement, Dodge has released the teaser photo above and the following statement.

2019 Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT Prototype. (Real Fast Fotography)

“The Dodge Charger – America’s only four-door muscle car and the sales leader in the large car segment for five years running – is doubling down with upgrades inside and out for the 2019 model year. Among the changes, high-performance Charger models get an all-new grille design, which extends the sinister-looking front end to accentuate visual width and reflects Charger customers’ continuous demand for standout exterior design. More information to come this summer …”

2019 Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT Prototype. (Real Fast Fotography)

Sounds like people who were complaining about the lower trim models like the R/T STP (Super Track Pak) and SXT STP (Super Track Pak), which were receiving the SRT styling on the budget friendly models will be happy to know that this new front fascia is for only higher performance Charger models. So we expect the models like the SRT HELLCAT, SRT392 and the R/T Scat Pack models will receive the same front look that the teaser shows off.

The new front fascia ducts look like they work in the same fashion to the Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT’s headlight intake.This allows for more direct cooling to the airbox.

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