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This 1971 Plymouth Cuda Convertible Is 1-Of-2 Ever Built

Prepare to be amazed as a true automotive unicorn graces the stage at the Mecum Indy auction on Friday, May 17th, 2024. This 1971 Plymouth Cuda Convertible boasts a stunning Sassygrass Green (FJ5) exterior complemented by a pristine white interior and top, a combination that’s as rare as it is breathtaking. With an estimated price … (read full article...)

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Aug 15, 2021
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What's the source to verify this car is one of two built? Chrysler didn't keep records of colors applied to cars based on the engine installed. Too many people who have been able to obtain a copy of the SG30 Option and Accessories report think it represents production. It does not. It documents the number of cars SOLD in a particular market. One report was prepared for the US, another for Canada. While there are seem to be several copies of the US report floating around, there is only one copy of the Canadian information and it is not available to the public.

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