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The Mecca Of Mopar – The McCandless Collection

There exists a subculture of automotive enthusiasts, who are deeply rooted in vintage American automobiles. Among these passionate aficionados, the Backyard Barn Finds YouTube channel stands out for uncovering hidden treasures in the automotive world. Recently, they were able to tour the McCandless Collection – a haven for Mopar enthusiasts and a testament to the glory days of Chrysler’s “Forward Look” era. Managed by Mike McCandless, son of the legendary NHRA racer and revered engine builder Herb McCandless, the McCandless Collection is a mecca for vintage Mopars. Nestled in a museum, this treasure trove houses an impressive array of meticulously preserved … (read full article...)

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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Built my 69 Barracuda drag car closely copied off these A body cars. Using the Mopar guides and specs and photos and info from the era, my notch back Plymouth was a ultra consistent bracket car. Won some major races, featured in Mopar Muscle and local news media. All it took was following the best, some driving skills and a master tune up man, Tony April. Herb was the best and a nice guy. Miss it all, even the road trips.

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