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The 2022 Jeep® Commander (H1) Continues To Be A Success For The Brazilian Market!

The 2022 Jeep® Commander (H1) Continues To Be A Success For The Brazilian Market!​

Three-Row Premium Offering For The American Brand, Continues To Shine...​


The 2022 Jeep® Commander (H1) arrived in the Brazilian market with the purpose of reinventing the D-SUV segment, which it is actually doing. Success since its pre-sale, the three-row Jeep is the leader of the category for the third consecutive month and it looks that March will be no different. In the first fortnight of the month, it continues to be number one in its category. In addition, its market share continues to grow: in the first half of March, it achieved its largest market share in the segment since it was launched, with an impressive 39% share.



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Oct 15, 2019
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Frostbite Falls, MN
"The Jeep Commander has arrived to be the biggest and most sophisticated Jeep ever produced in Brazil."
Sophisticated is the key word in this statement. Willys do Brazil built and marketed the pre-Wagoneer Jeep Station Wagon known as the Rural. For most of its life it didn't have the seven slot grill, so I guess it wasn't a real Jeep. Ford bought the Willys operation in Brazil and continued to build the Rural into the late 1970s. Ford marketed it at that time as the Ford Rural and even installed Ford engines under the hood. The Rural was a fairly sizable body on frame vehicle, but it was hardly sophisticated.

The Commander seems to be a worthy successor to its family heritage. This is despite a very confusing family lineage.

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